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Welcome to the Gama Books web site, your source for the writings of Karen Bishop. Our web site is currently in transition, so expect the bare minimum here as a very new web site will be up and running when things settle out in the months to come.

The new Gama Books web site will be all about the new energy of a very new reality. About living from the heart, the new unity, and how we can all get there with as much ease as possible. Vastly different from anything we have known thus far, the new energy
can take some getting used to. . . it can turn us inside out and upside down and make us completely forget who we used to be or even wanted to be!

With love everlasting and only love remaining, the long journey of ascension leaves us with just that. It is our greatest desire that our new web site will lift you up, support you, connect you to the new, and offer you love and caring in the mix.

If you are on the Gama Books e-list (you can sign up at the right side bar of any page), you will be notified when the new web site is up and running. Hope to see you there, and in the meantime,

Our heart to yours, Gama Books.



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