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Disappointment, Magic, and Lining Up

Greetings and Welcome!

WE ARE MOVING RIGHT along, even though there were brief delays to the original "schedule," leaving many of us highly discouraged, depressed, and perhaps even acutely frustrated. But nonetheless, there is exciting news to share as we are undoubtedly in unprecedented times in regard to ascension, and in this, we may give thanks.

Immediately after the new year, we experienced the snuggle energy and the energy of apathy and blah, which occur in preparation for a new move forward. It was indeed planned that we jump ahead on January 6th, and in this way, we had a brief surge of unity and commotion, moving energy, and excitement, but then things abruptly stopped. . . .at least for some of us.

Instead of moving ahead, the forerunners found themselves digging deeper. We let go of all energies involving the mother and the father, whether consciously or not. It was time to give back the energies that we had taken on from our parents as part of the first phase of ascension. We may now find that the energies and behaviors of our parents strangely no longer affect us. Because we are now at physical levels in regard to ascension, we are releasing everything from this current lifetime. Many of us never brought past life issues and experiences with us when we arrived here for this current incarnation because we did not have any. We took on a huge amount of energy within ourselves that was already here in order to heal it and purify the planet for the ascension.

During the first big round up which began in earnest around 2000, we took back our energies from every nook and cranny in the cosmos where we had placed it. Older souls, as many of us are, have many simultaneous experiences in form (and otherwise), and can even incarnate within a body at the same time as other souls. So then, during this first roundup, we gathered up all the aspects of ourselves from everywhere far and wide in order to begin anew. We are, unquestionably, beginning anew in a very new reality and in this way, we must be new as well. We were not then, clearing past life issues, but simply bringing back home all aspects of our souls in order to be integrated into one. And ultimately, we will find that we crave the energy of God the more we progress in recent times, as this is the ultimate integration. 

So then, in order to be free and clear, we are now at the point where we are doing a big release of the energies which birthed us and brought us here this time around. . . . the father and the mother. We are letting go now of the energies where we were first attached when we first arrived this time around. This has occurred because we are so very near the point of ascension.

Okay. So. . . . .we dug deep and deeper. And the planet dug deep, creating all sorts of interesting things. More emptiness. More letting go. More stillness. Then came the portal of January 11, which pushed us ever forward yet again and more fully into the space of the new reality. And this latest thrust forward created immense purging, cleansing, and physical and emotional stress and trauma for many. In addition, the disappointment due to the delay and this latest cleanse was so intense that many picked it up, felt down and sad, and it was not even their own disappointment. And not to mention grumpy. For many, uber, uber grumpiness.

The brief delay occurred because of the formation of the ladder of hierarchies that needs to be present in order to create a new grid or a new reality. Remember, we are lining up and building upon each other. Things are indeed moving right along, and we are indeed lining up for the formation of the new grid, but we simply have had to tweak things here and there, which is always the case with ascension. Another big shift is due to arrive around January 21 (unless, of course, it doesn't!). We are, really are, ready to move ahead now. We are just completing one last purge of what is left. . . one last push out of the small bit of the old that remains.

Those on the lower rungs are already passing through and having very pleasant experiences of creating what they have always desired, and so forth. In this way, some of us are skating along and in a new bliss, and others are having even more heck. Older souls inhabit the higher rungs. So even though they are called forerunners, they are the last to experience the new reality in all ways. These souls may indeed feel the energies of the new world, they may indeed feel the magic, the heightened manifestation, the new and exciting awareness that everything will soon be different, but they are the last to have the squeezing energies of the tunnel lift, to have their health dramatically improve, to have a very new life open up, and to have the unquestionable new connection to God and love take over their very being.
Remember, when the lower rungs move into place, they push the higher rungs even higher, and thus the new purging, cleansing, and adjusting for older souls and forerunners.

For the first shall be last and the last shall be first. When the cross-over is complete, "the last," who will be more poised in position closer to God, will then begin their new work of bringing others closer to God, and so it will continue with the hierarchies and their movement. Things will flip, so to speak.  

Even though it may seem otherwise, things are indeed brewing for forerunner souls, and attempting to make themselves known if even amidst the pain and struggle of the physical body and the weariness of the last soul experience before we finally move on. Here is southern California, it has been 80 degress of late. The last of the leaves are still continuing to fall from the trees, while at the same time, and within the same tree, new growth is sprouting and bees are pollinating. The old departing at the same time that the new is arriving. And this is how it is.

Common occurrences of late for many souls are the desire and nudge to go deeper into our creativity involving the arts, or avenues where we are mindless. Painting, drawing, music, dance, and so forth are calling us now and acutally have been calling us for a while now. We need to let go of any control or thoughts and simply create what comes naturally. This is part of the letting go of the old and the arrival into the new.

Another common accurance during these times of transition into the new are low feelings of self worth and voices that may seem to be telling us that, "Who are you to think you can do _______________?" This is simply dislodged darkness looking for a home and it does not want change. All we need do is love it profoundly.

A new awareness of the mechanics of true and authentic love is also making itself known of late. It is this love that is beginning to fill us up, and will continue to do so, so that when the squeezing and pressure energies finally subside, we will no longer be empty and our new lives will have this profound love at the center of it all.

Many are receiving messages that windfalls of abundance, financial or otherwise, are soon on their way to us (I sure hope so!). Yet another indicator that we are almost somewhere very new.

The phase of the last three months of 2013 is indeed over. The lower rungs of the new hierarchy are beginning to form and come into manifestation now. They are making themselves known. And these rungs are vitally needed as they will affect each and every one of us, no matter where we are residing. So although some of us are still feeling a great unpleasantness, we are nonetheless right where we need to be as the hierarchy continues to build, making itself ready for our arrival.

For the higher rungs, things will not be all about manifestation. These experiences will simply arrive to at least allow us to feel good once again, to feel somewhere very new and different, and to suppport us for our very new existence. It will be the love that we will be most grateful for. The love and the gratitude that will fill our every core and being. And this is what we have been waiting for.

Last Time,
When you walked through the city
So beautiful and so naked,

You left a thousand women crazy
And impossible to live with.

You left a thousand married men
Confused about their gender.

Children ran from their classrooms,
And teachers were glad you came.

And the sun tried to break out
Of its royal cage in the sky.

And at last, and at last,
Lay its Ancient Love at Your feet.

----   Moslem mystic Shams-ud-din Muhammed Hafiz  (c.1320-89)

My h
eart to yours,

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