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The Next Wave Moves Into Place

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Greetings and Welcome!

"WHERE HAS EVERYONE GONE! I am all alone here! Everyone has scattered to the winds!" "OMG! My body cannot take one more thing! This pressure is horrendous. I will surely be dead before this is over." "I cannot do this work anymore. No one cares, so why am I doing it anyway? And I get absolutely no support!" "Where am I anyway? There is something magical going on. This is amazing!"  "I keep bumping into everyone else's energy! I am squished, squished, squished and overwhelmed with it all. I cannot breathe!" "My tumor is completely gone? I can't believe it!"  "Ouch! The devil must be present. I have never felt so much dark and ugly energy around me in my life! I feel like I am in hell, and alone here on top of everything else!" "I cannot even walk now. Barely able to move. And breathe? Forget it. I am hunched over like an old man and my back is killing me!" "I have been experiencing everything that I have ever wanted. This is awesome!"  "What next? I am too old for this, my life has been hijacked for years now, and I will be long gone before all this is over. My life. Robbed. All for what? When will this ever end?" 

With so much now present, for some, it can seem like we are knee deep in a hellish never-ending drama, while for others, life has become magical if even alongside still lingering physical pressures from above. On January 6, the first wave enchored into the new grid, and in this way, the magic of the manifesting and miracle energies began to really take hold. As mentioned in the post for January 18, we are building up now, and in this way, the rungs of the new hierarchy of reality are beginning to come into place. 

One rung comes into place. This pushes everything above it up, creating more pressure as whatever is above a newly established rung then moves more closely to God, or rather the ceiling of our very new reality. There is then, much less room and everything becomes even more squished than before (if that is even possible!). The newly established rungs begin to experience the energies of a new reality. At the lower rungs, manifestations of everything we have ever wanted become very prevalent. Whomever and whatever is residing on higher rungs, especially experience this pressure with each new rung addition. And with the added pressure that is created from pressure now occurring from below as well as from above, whatever remains of the old, is naturally pushed out as well. But at the same time, no one is completely free from the squeezing energies and will not be free until all the rungs are firmly achored into place.

What? And who cares anyway at this point??!! My mind is gone and these long explanations are going nowhere! Briefly: Newer and in place rungs will continue to feel pressure from above (these energies serve to keep everything in place so nothing slips back, until all rungs are established), but for those who have not yet arrived on their rung (or in their new home), they will feel pressure from above and from below. Thus, the real ouch! now, especially for foreruners.

The hierarchy of rungs in a new reality are dependent upon vibrational match. Energy exists within an order, and that's just the way it is. Higher vibrating energies exist "above" lower vibrating energies.  In this way, new realities are no exception. Each and every one of us who came for this experience pre-planned where we would be and where we would reside, so in this way, there is no judgement about this, as each of us will reside on whatever rung fits our personal circumstances and plan.

Right now we are in the midst of creating this new structure. In this way, much is being tossed this way and that, while things begin to come into place. Scattered to the winds, we might say. So we may feel that all of our friends and whomever we care about, are suddenly nowhere to be found. And in addition, as we cannot take much with us as we arrive in a very new reality, we are also not attached to much at this point. We need to be free and clear. So although we may feel very alone and unsupported at this stage, this will all change very quickly as we continue to progress (more on this further along).

While in the achoring in stages, we cannot possibly know what we will be doing and with whom we will be doing or being. We will not know this until the dust settles and until we are all anchored more fully onto our new individual rungs. Right now, as we move ever upward, for some who are still transitioning along the ladder, we are still pushing out and queezing out the remnants of the old. . . old thought patterns, behaviors, any darkness or negativity, and so forth. The higher we have chosen to reside, the more will need to be removed from within us, and the higher we go as we move ever upward during the restructuring process, the more we will need to be a match to it. So with each new rung additon, it can feel as if the devil itself is spewing out from those around us, and perhaps from ourselves as well.

Right now, we are being asked to really get clear on what it is that we really want. What we want our new lives to look like. . .  and to really ask for the moon, with no holds barred as absolutely anything will soon be possible. At times during this process, when our bodies are seemingly failing us and when we wonder how we can even take one breath more, it is important that we have thoughts about what we want and not what we fear, as the current energies are supporting our thoughts, if even in the seemingly distant background.

Although the lower rungs are being put into place before the higher rungs, we can still feel and experience some of this magical energy wherever we are residing. So in this way, what we choose to focus on can make a difference. And if we are just too spent and depleted, lost and exhausted, and empty of any thoughts or cannot even remember words or their meanings, we can simply say, "Lift me up God. Lift me up!" and allow God and the heavenly angels to carry us to our next destination.

When we are more there than here, or rather more in transition and closer to the new reality than in the old world, attempting to do our prior work can begin to become an impossible feat. We may find that we light up and gain more energy while in the space of our new endeavors (if we even know what they are) and become a blank and drained vessel when in the old. This is because we are no longer there. Most of us has already transitioned.

As of this writing (and things can always change and many times do), most if not all of the rungs of the new reality will be in place in or by February of 2014. After we arrive more fully, and adjust to our new, we will then know more fully as well, what will be ours to do and be. Those on the higher rungs of the new reality will turn and begin their service to those on the lower rungs, as life in any cosmos never ceases to continue to evolve. So although we may finally find ourselves somewhere new and different (and for those who are moving geographically, things will finally come into form for a move), and the magical energies will still be present, we will still continue to serve humanity as we assist with the integration of God with all things present.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a piece from Remembering Your Soul Purpose, my first book from so long ago! Because it reflects the new unity we will find when we reach our own particular rung on the ladder of the new reality, I have included it here as a pdf for your reading. It helped me to remember the unity with our brothers and sisters, especially at a time when we are seemingly so far apart, even though this is simply a manifestation of our current stage. Interested readers may download it here. (Kindly wait for download.)

My h
eart to yours,

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