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Where is Home? and the Darkness Readies for Departure

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Greetings and Welcome!

WHERE DO I BELONG? WHERE is my home? And what does home mean anyway? Is there a place that fits me perfectly? Is there a place where all my dreams can come true? Is there a place where all my loved ones can be with me? Is there a place where I can most easily be me? Is there a place that will love me in return as much as I love it? 

We are now nearing these new places of home, and in this, "home" is now at the forefront as we examine our options whether consciously or not. We may suddenly have thoughts about returning to places that represent home to us. . . places where we felt good or where we felt more love than we have ever known, or even simply places that represent home to us no matter how we felt there. We may suddenly have a desire to have one residence one place, and another residence in another place. Or we may simply just want to go home (even though many of us have wanted to go home almost since the day we were born!). 

The now present longing for home can manifest in a myraid of ways, but whatever the case, home is now in our hearts as we near the front doors of our new homes.
Perhaps we may find ourselves cleaning our floors or even getting new floors, which is a very common manifestation of arriving somewhere very new. Or in a much bigger way for many, literally moving to new geographical locations is now on the immediate horizon. Our new homes. Our new homes. We are coming home. Yesterday my mother, who needs to stay down as much as possible due to health issues, suddenly got up, opened the front door, and began cleaning the front of it. Whether consciously or not, she was preparing for her arrival "home." 

We are having these manifestations of home, whether consciously or not, because we are finally ready for home. Yes, we are indeed going home. The latest two year intense and final phase of alignment will be complete in February and then. . . . we will finally be able to go to a new home. A new pallette, a new platform, a new hierarchy of vibrational layers.

But how do we know where or what that home actually is? As always, our hearts will know, but
Helen Kellerwe will know even more than we might know at this particular moment, when the darkness clears more fully.

Currently, the darkness is making its way out. In this way, and because we are now so ever ready for our new home to manifest, the darkness and the light are jockeying for position. This passing in the night, this replacement of the old with the new, is very different than anything we have experienced thus far in regard to darkness.

Because so much of the old, denser, or darker energies can no longer exist in this new reality we are about to inhabit, they are speaking loudly now. They do not want to depart. After all, would we want to be erased? We do indeed know what that feels like due to all the emptying out and it is none too pleasant.

The darkness is crying out with great forcefullness now, "I live here! I AM NOT leaving! This is MY spot and I will say what will occur and what will not! You have no power here. I am the true power so do not even try to exist! I will not budge and I will win. YOU. . . . . .are nothing."  Well, because we have been uber cleansed and swept clear and clean for a while now, we probably do feel like a bunch of nothing! And darkness loves to make fun of the light. It believes it weak. But very soon the light will be the only alternative as it will predominate and rule the roost in a very evident way.
But here is what is occuring now and what is soon to take place. The remnants of the old are readying for departure. They are on their way out, or at least preparing for an integration of some sort. Somewhere in their existence, they are very aware that soon, the light will be predominant. We are so poised now for a complete arrival into the new, that whatever darkness is lingering at the gate is making itself known. It's days of predominance are soon to be over.

As we continue to push out and squeeze out any remaining density either within ourselves or within what surrounds us (all the same thing), it can feel that this is all there is! But if we are able to really see what is actually there, to see beyond the darkness and to pay attention to the signs and messages that God is giving us, we can know with certainty that everything is, as always, in divine and perfect order. The light has always, but always been present. It has just been harder to see because. . .

For so long now, we have been purging and releasing, cleansing and clearing, and transitioning from one step on the staircase to heaven to the next step. In this way, when we look out from our eyes, it can seem as though everything is dark, unpleasant, and just plain weird. We are simply seeing what has been usurped and dislodged. And because there has been nowhere to go for a few years now as we have been inhabiting temporary and transitional steps (kindly see Down Into Up for much greater detail), there has been absolutely nowhere for many of us to hang our hats, to anchor into, to create anything new, or to unite with, making the isolation and loneliness nearly intolerable for many. In addition, with an almost continual state of purging and cleansing, a massive amount of darkness has been dislodged, and darkness just loves to attack and make fun of the light when the light is homeless and seemingly defenseless.

But. . . . . this long, longer and seemingly endless pattern in about to end.

seeingAfter the vibrational hierarchies of the new reality are in place and achored in, the light will have an enormous foothold, and in this way, not only will the light take control, but we will finally be able to "see" with greater clarity.

It is then that our intuition and awareness will return like gangbusters, and it is then that we will easily remember all that is, and it is then that the light fill every empty nook and cranny that the cleansings and purifications have created. After so much has been cleared away, the light, which has been here all along, will be uber easy to spot and become the air that we breathe.

So how do we know where our new homes will be? We will know. We will follow our hearts. We will remember to put ourselves first, which is many times foreign for many of us holding the light. We will remember that the light is in charge, and not the darkness, and make our intentions and our wills known. We will be guided and supported by bands of angels showing us the way. We will be led to new waters that will eagerly bring us to their shores. We will be welcomed home with loving arms, with new spaces created just for us, and with a readiness for all we have to offer. And after we arrive, we will lovingly embrace and call home the current darkness that is surrounding us now. In the meantime, if we are confused in this place of no place, we can trust in the message of Proverbs and know that we are infinitely loved by God:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And he shall direct your paths.
---    Proverbs 3:5-6

My h
eart to yours,

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