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Diving Deep

Greetings and Welcome!

THE PRESSURE COOKER UNRELENTING squeezing and cleansing energies of December have finally ceased (leaving us back to the "normal" longstanding squeezing that continues to linger), and in this, this writer, for one, gives enormous thanks. What a challenging month it was! The moment December ended and we found ourselves in the new land of 2014, and even though the pushing energies subsided to a great degree at that time, we nonetheless immediately launched into a deep dive into the depths of what was left.

Cutting and searing, the energies made their way into more density in an attempt to capture what remains, and for those of us who have already been peeled open about as far as we can go, there was not much left to sear into. The earth herself felt these energies as well, as areas that are usually cold during this time experienced record cold and areas that are generally warmer experienced record warmth. The pendulum swung whichever way was appropriate, and in this way, the pendulum dug deep in an attempt to unearth whatever was left at the deepest levels.

As the energies continued to dig deep, for some of us, our old and prior roles, jobs, and spaces emerged in strange and surprising ways, showing us where we used to be and exposing the old as a reminder of how far we have come. But they also emerged so that we could connect to them once again in order to gather up the energies of the old and to make sure that nothing was forgotten.

The prior ascension plan involved a segment of the population going ahead of the pack and creating the new within a cleansed and purified space. There was a severe culling element to it. This time, the plan is much different. For those who find themselves far ahead now after releasing so much, they will be continually reminded to stay connected to others further down on the ascension ladder. In 2010, the plan reached a dead halt and failed because there were only a select few on the top rungs and there was no one under them for support. This time, things are being played out so that this will not occur again. If you are one who is uber tired and weary of doing seemingly everything  yourself, you are most likely one who was positioned on a higher rung during this time and are now craving partnerships. 

So then, the first week of 2014 kept us cocooning in the snuggle energy, and in this way we were nestled tight and seemingly removed from connecting to much of anything, including our brothers and sisters. But now that we have been released, the connections can resume. With evaluations being made at the advent of 2014, we are now being encouraged to continue to mend any fences that remain, and the diving deep energies are assisting in this way. We must go further. We are being given yet another chance to forge connections with whomever and whatever is continuing to arrive in our spaces, and will continue to arrive until the necessary connections are made and strengthened.

Think you are done with that person and need to move on? Think again. We are being asked and prodded to please, please, create a loving and continued relationship with each other, no matter our differences and even if the "other" has been rude and can only see him/herself. We must embrace each other. We must embrace the energy of the whole. And as is normal for older souls, the high road is frequently taken while others are given a chance.

So then, It is still more mandatory than ever before that we connect to each other with love and reverence. This is the glue that will hold the new reality together. And this is the glue that will connect us all more fully with God. The more we faulter with this and remain separate in the energy of the "I," the longer the ascension process will continue on. This lone experience, this continued phenomenon of irreverence for each other, is what has always been at the core of the failure of the ascension process. We will continue to stay behind and continue to have opportunities to connect with each other more fully, until this part of the process has reached the levels that it needs to reach.

If two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for,
It will be done for you by my Father in heaven.
For where two or three come together in my name,
There am I with them.
----  Matthew 18-19-20

While all of this is occurring, we are continuing to build. Piece by piece and inch by inch we are uncovering the energy of our new. . . and most all the time, the new piece that we find ourselves connecting to, comes from one of our brothers and sisters. We are building the foundation of the new reality through our connections to each other. And when these connections contain the energy of God, as we continue to be emptied out in order to more fully embody this energy, miracles occur.

With man, this is impossible, but not with God.
All things are possible with God.
----   Mark 10-27

The energy of God is more powerful than any energy we may find surrounding us at any given moment. If we can relinquish our fears that something has gone amuck, that some other force is holding our process back and thwarting our progress, and know within the depths of our hearts that God is at the helm and has everything under complete control, then we can more easily continue on and willingly participate in the process.

And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God's love.
Neither death nor life, neither angels nor deamons,
Neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow -----
Not even the powers of hell can separate us from God's love.
----   Romans 8-38-39

God's love continues to call to us and will never cease. It is this love that is running the show and keeping us on track. It is this love that will always be there when much of everything else has departed. And it is this love that holds the energy of home, of what we have always known, and of what continues to make itself known on the near horizon.

The air of December has finally cleared. We may be feeling a new freedom with more room to roam. We may be able to breathe much easier now. And within this new freedom and space, we are still on track, making our way to a new reality as we continue to build the new foundation.

My h
eart to yours,

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