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Waiting in the Emptiness

Greetings and Welcome!

THE DIVING DEEP ENERGIES have created a new level of emptiness, and if some of us thought we were as empty as a person could be, we have now been emptied out even more. Deep, deep, and deeper these energies forged as they pushed against and released whatever density was left within us, making way for the light of a new era to fill us once again.

"I suddenly forgot everything! It's as if everything in my brain suddenly fell right out. I cannot find a thing in there!" Or perhaps, "Where did all my planning and new creations go? A moment ago I was forging ahead full speed and now everything has come to a screeching halt! I can't find a thing! Now where am I?" Or maybe. . . ."I have never felt so peaceful and centered. There is absolutely nothing inside or outside to butt up against. And nothing has any meaning! Everything just is." And yet again. . . "This pressure is killing me! I feel as though my insides are being squeezed under a thousand tons of pressure! And I am soooooo exhausted! All I can do is lie here and moan. Ugh!" Or at last. . . ."I feel like someone took a giant eraser and erased me. Just wiped me off the face of the earth. Took every last bit of me and now I really have no idea where I belong or what in the world is going on. And talk about alone. There is absolutely no one left to connect to, and it's not as if I can tell just anyone about all this. They would think me crazy and lock me up. One hint of a word about, ahem. . . . (whisper) ascension and they grab on even tighter to their own explanation of what they think is happening!"

Depending upon where each of us is in queue as we continue to line up in preparation to cross the threshhold into a new reality, our experiences can be varied. "I remember when I was in that stage," we may remember as we hear of another's lament. So for some, it is this and for others it is that.  

When we crossed over into 2014 we set off a flurry of activity, from polar vortexes, to crop circles and ufo sightings here in California, to solar flares. And at the same time we began a steep nose dive into the deepest of crevasses ever experienced until now. Digging and digging we touched noses with whatever remained in the undercurrents (or hidden undersides) of our prior work, we touched upon old and longstanding energies (perhaps from others that were not even our own) within us that were ready for release, and we of course, dislodged any darkness that still lay lurking in our fields looking for a match within us.

While all this is occurring, we are also experiencing the beginnings of the line-up in a more exact nature. Although we have been encouraged to forge as many bonds as possible with those who are connected to us through sometimes long-standing ties, we are now bascially at the end of this phase. We needed to plant the seed for the future, if indeed we do not see ourselves spending large quantities of time with these individuals right now. No closed doors here. But in some instances, other doors are now beginning to close, and for some, isolation has been a mainstay for quite some time. In this way, we may now  find ourselves drifting away from friends and others who have been in our immediate circle. The timelines for all these ever-changing relationships can seem to vary for many of us, but there is nonetheless a pattern occurring.

For the past several years, we have been in a stage that was forcing any forerunners to stay down and out of sight to give others a chance to catch up. Forerunners, then, were treated fairly badly while others turned their noses down on them and flew along at warp speed. After awhile, enough time was given and new ascension energies arrived in earnest which affected everyone to some degree. All during this timeframe, a major part of ascension continued on which involves leaving most of everything behind and being stripped bare as we cannot really take anyting with us when we die, even if we are still in a physical body.

So then, for some, they have been isolated, stripped bare, and prohibited from taking part in much of anything that a normal society is comprised of (but with all the deterioration, our society is anything but "normal" anyway, and because of all the loss and breakdown there really has been nowhere to actually go that feels remotely comfortable). So for the forerunners and those who were quite ready by 2010, it has been one long stretch of nothingness. One very long stretch. To keep the story short, we are now in a very different phase and this is the sorting out phase.

Because we are preparing for a crossing and relocation, individuals are now being positioned. The gate has been shut in regard to our prior phase. Time is up. That phase is now over. In this way, we may find ourselves drifting away from some of our friends or aquaintences, while we find ourselves bonding more tightly to others. For family ties and relationships, we may have now received the signal of "completion." We are done and now complete with these long-standing relationships, individuals have been given enough time and are not able to evolve, and we are now freed up to move on. For others, we may have found a new and different bond developing that more fully matches what will be needed in the next reality. So then, some doors are closing now and others are strengthening, all dependent upon where each of us is residing in the queue.

But there are other gates as well. Some individuals are craving a life of their dreams in a world of their making where they can do as they please, and others have been there done that, and are now ready for a life as servers of God with a heightened awareness and duty to the whole.

So for now, we are in the sorting phase where individuals are perched in readiness for a new placement. This is the tail end of the determination phase. The last hurrah, the final say, and thus, the immense feelings of emptiness some of us are experiencing. We have let go of much. We knew we could not take much of anything with us. And having nothing much now residing within our brains could not be more perfect. This is how God wants us to be in preparation for His arrival. We are at the end of the road, there is nothing much left of us, and we are ready.

To be spiritual is to be taken over by a mysterious, divine compulsion
 to manifest
some aspect of life's deepest force. We become most who
we are when we allow
the spirit to dismember us, unsettling our plans
and understandings, remaking us
from our very foundations. Nothing is more
 challenging, nothing less sentimental,
than the invitation of spirit to become
 who we are and not who we think we ought to be.

----  Thomas Moore

We are thus, in a period of waiting while in a vast emptiness. We cannot go further as our new spaces are currently in preparation. If we attempt to create anything new, or even to seemingly solve or resolve anything at all, no matter what it involves, we will most likely find ourselves up against a vast wall, blocking us from any kind of resolution. We can only go sideways into the same. We are being prohibited from starting anything new, from latching onto anything new, from jumping into new endeavors with both feet. Because it is not yet time, we would only be uprooted once again. Things are still in flux during the sorting period. And in this, our new spaces will be so much better, we will have so many more opportunities, and so much will be different, that we will be glad we waited. So although we may feel stuck and even stagnant, we are precisley where we need to be.

When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you,
till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer,
never give up then,
for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.
----   Harriet Beecher Stowe

While we are being re-positioned, shuffled around, and lined up for our progression forward, we are still at the seeming mercy of the pushing and squeezing energies that are holding us in place so that we do not revert back to any prior steps on our staircase to heaven. And with the latest diving deep energies, we may wonder how we can continue to go on with a seemingly endless barage of cleansings.
But the closer we come to the other side, where the energy of God makes itself more visible than ever before, as so much has now been cleared away, the more we will become God ourselves. And in this, we will find a new strength. And this is the strength of God.

My h
eart to yours,

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