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The Bare Waiting Room of Dawn


Greetings and Welcome!

We are currently in the waiting room. In a lull, a quiet, a barrenness, a place of no place. . . the waiting
room. And all is quiet, a great blessing at least for this writer after all the movement of September.

There was more movement in September than ever before with ascension. Souls were taking their
places, moving into new slots, plugging into the new, after experiencing an immense release, a
disconnect from any temporary tethers where hats were hung during the very long wait.

Some souls moved into very new housing, others cleaned out, cleared out, and took care of their current.
Anything reeking of old received a turned up nose, as the new and much better was a craving that could
not be ignored. "I deserve better. I can do better than this. This is not for me. What was I ever thinking?"

We had indeed reached a pivotal point with ascension, and new anchorings were now needed. The time
was now over for "catch-up." No more waiting for others, giving time for the stragglers, attending to
nudges that maybe, just maybe, this time will be different. The gate has now closed, and we are all
sitting precisely where we need to be.

For those in new homes, they are making themselves comfortable. Arranging new digs, putting things
in their place, and smiling hugely at the fact that they have finally moved out. Others are upgrading
their old, making it nicer, a better fit for their new. The "better" they deserve craving a manifestation
into form.

The month of September moved everyone everywhere (except, of course, for the forerunners of the
forerunners. More on this further along.)  The movement was so intense, that nervous systems became
overloaded, and the energies cranked up into an all time strangeness, now ushering in something with
no clear definition of why or what for. And our animal companions. . ."Where's my food?! Now! Now!
I'm desperate for food! Can I cling to you some more?  Help! What food? I'm fine now, I mean, really."
One can hardly blame them when some of our own bodies are doing similar. Big hits of sudden starvation
and weakness, spikes of strange energy, the tips of high energy fingers running across our souls.

The lead up was powerful. Creativity at an all-time high. "I'm not done with this project yet! I can't start
something new! If I go forward, the current will be abandoned! Am I supposed to just drop everything?"
But the pull was intense, creating confusion amidst waves of the new. "What should I do? Do I go there, or stay here? How do I stay in alignment?"  

We can remember that we are still wobbling as ever as we transition into the new. First here, then there,
then all the way back again. We can indeed go forward and touch that new, but it won't embody itself
entirely until we reach that very new shore. It's not going anywhere. We just saw it for a moment
but it will come back once again. We can start it now if we choose, then go back to the old, then forward
once more. . . until we cease going back altogether.

The push into new spaces occurred because it was finally time. The new hierarchy of dimensional
vibrations is being put into place like never before. An attempt was made for a big ascension move
at the cross-over into 2014 but as mentioned in prior posts, it did not take. At any pivotal point,
we are given the chance to move forward if we choose. An attempt is always made, but if we cannot
sustain ourselves we will fall back once again, which we most always do.

What is about to occur this month is entirely different than past tests for great moves ahead. The
 vibrational hierarchy is set. It has been stabilized. No need for testing. But even so, there is a group
still moving, not yet plugged in, no anchor to its name. These are the forerunners of the forerunners.
If you noticed an immense let-down after September 22, a strange depression, a devastation, an
unmanageable disapointment, a seeming ending to your coping skills, or even a lack of desire to do
a thing, you are most likely a forerunner of the forerunners (as always, it is best to seek medical
attention when needed). 

These forerunners have been ready for their new slots for a very long time. Hanging on in the emptiness
has taken on a new meaning far beyond what was originally expected. Blocked from connecting to
anything new, from creating new space, to new relationships, and more, these souls have been
living a life of no life for a very long time, a crabby never seen or known before personality taking over
what is left like a hermit crab borrowing a shell.

It is true for all of us that we need not do a thing at this point. We will all be carried across when the
time is right. Ushered into the new by bands of heavenly angels. Our paths are being set, what is
needed is being set into place, we need only surrender and allow. We are indeed being taken. If
we attempt to move ahead by ourselves, and too quickly, we can easily end up in a ditch.

In this way, it can greatly help to simply be in the moment. Simply be present. Simply allow. Let
God take over. But at the same time, conventional spiritual practice does not always reach the
soul levels. The levels where the forerunners are feeling the ascension process. The devastation,
the exhaustion, the disappointment is occurring at our deepest levels, and in this, we feel deeply.
It is a feeling and experience no therapist could understand, a knowingness and awareness that
exists beyond time, beyond space. It is the heart of our souls.

But know:  Each and every one of us is loved, we are being watched over and looked out for, and
our loads are being lifted. The emptiness is a gift in lightening our loads, in helping with the stress,
and in assisting the angels with less burden to carry. And when it comes to ascension, not wanting
to do a thing most always means that we are at the end of our current space and now prepared for
the new. We are done. No more interest in the past or our temporary current. It is all now over. 
The movement arriving this month is intended to usher the forerunners of the forerunners into their
new spaces. They are the last, the oldest of souls, and in this they must wait the longest. But
in addition, everyone will be going into the new, all at once. The forerunners of the forerunners will
be a bit different in that they have not plugged into any space at all as of yet. No new anchoring
to hold them in place when the entire kit and kabodle is moved somewhere new.  

Everyone is lined up now, ready and in position. And this writer cannot wait to see what will happen

My heart to yours,


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