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10/12/2013  Ascension Post: A New Space Arrives

As always, the portal of the 11th has pushed us ever forward into yet new territory, creating much movement and better feeling experiences, new connectivity and union, flurries of activity, and a very refreshing flavor. . . .all because we are closer than ever now to a place we have never been before. We are so near at this time, that when we push forward through an 11 portal, we can experience instances of the new ways of a very new world, which feel so much lighter, brighter, joyful, and pleasant than what we have known for so very long.

These new spaces which immediately follow the 11 thrusts are lasting longer now as well. In addition, we are also experiencing intermittent days here and there that embody great supports for us, all designed to keep us on track, in alignment and ready for what is coming next. We are indeed being supported so that we will easily arrive in a very new world in times to come (and these times are coming very, very soon!).

Currently, we are still in the "preparation" stage. Our permanent spaces (at least for the next three years or so) are still being prepared but are almost complete, and in addition, we are preparing as well. The next several weeks will be all about preparations for this entry. We may be packing for a road trip into new geographical territory for a "look-see," we may be lining up what is needed for our next endeavor or offering for this next phase, we may have recently let go of a substantial portion of our "old" (or rather our" temporary" as we have been letting go of the old for many years now), or we may have moved just one step closer into a new space but are not yet there all the way. Whatever our own individual experience, for many, it is all about letting go of where we have been for the past several months or years. We are indeed readying for this new move forward. Our prior spaces of stair step movement are basically over. This very long phase of journeying forward step by step in order to reach a very new plateau is now complete. A massive phase then, is finally over.

Because we are now letting go of so much of the old (and it is a bit different this time as we are really letting go of where we have been for so very long and of all old structures as well), we may find that we are more emotional than usual. Much can trigger tears or at least touch our hearts as this is such a very pivotal and monumental time. Just think about it. . . .we are finally moving into a very new space and the old is departing. . . .and all at the physical levels this time. After all the years of moving through this never-ending ascension process, we have acutally made enough progress this time, that we can now inhabit a very new pallette. . . .the new pallette that we have been longing for for so very long. So as uncomfortable as the pushing and squeezing energies have been, they have been keeping us on track as we were unable to do this all on our own. And until we arrive and plant our stakes in the new, the pushing energies will persist.

So what is the big picture here? What do things look like in a more general way?

Basically, we are moving and scurrying around, still preparing for the move but poising ourselves (whether consciously or not) for a big jump over when the time is right so that we will be ready at a moment's notice. We have packed our bags and are inhabiting more new space as we edge ever closer, having let go of more of the old. The portal of November 11 (11/11/2013) may very well push us all the way through. So even though we have discontinued with the stair step process, we are now even keel with the new and still in preparation mode inching our way ever forward. We can go across now at specific times, but our permanent all encompassing residency is still a finger touch away.

After we arrive in this very new space, the old will then being to fall away in earnest. Some of us will arrive in the new before others and will immediately begin setting up and preparing new ground. . . .a new ground that will self-sustain and support its inhabitants as it becomes a safe haven during the massive restructuring of the old. As others become ready, they will begin to arrive in time. This arrival of others will be a very lengthy process, and the criteria will be all about having nothing left. For the forerunners (or those who have been stripped bare for so very long and have been ready for so very long as well), these will be the souls who arrive first. In essence, the forerunners experienced a massive crusifixion in order to be reborn and pave the way for many to follow. Some souls will chose to depart during these months and years, much chaos and tragedy will arrive as it most always does during a massive transition, and an intense insecurity will result which will create (and is already doing so) a tighter grip for many with an intense need for control. But control is the polar opposite of what is really needed during this time.

Staying in states of love as much as possible will keep us in alignment with the energies of the new and can shift any situation in a near instant. Letting go, in lieu of controlling, is what is needed here. Because we were unable to continue the ascension process all on our own (again, because of control issues and an inability to revere our own brothers and sisters), the process had to revert to administration by powers outside of ourselves. So in this way, we are most assuredly being guided and placed right where we need to be. The orchestration from above is very much in place, and if we can let go and allow it to carry us, we can then let go of any control or fear we may feel coming from within.

Everything is precisely right where it needs to be. If even at times when it may seem otherwise, it is not. We are being closely monitored. . . each and every one of us. Our loving caretakers are making sure we are okay at any given moment. If we move into control and buck this love, we will only create an unecessary tension and block any love and support that may be attempting to arrive for us.

Currently, I am in southern California staying with family as I prepare for a new residency in the Pacific Northwest (for those interested, my mail is set to forward from the address at the very bottom of the page). Internet access is still spotty for me, but I will continue to write and post when at all possible for those who may be interested. And thank you, as always, for continuing to read!

My heart to yours,

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