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10/16/2013  Parting the Waters

Today we pushed into more new space. In order to move into the Promised Land, we have to step onto the shore. The waters then, will not part until we step forward. For the past few days, we have been experiencing the ramifications of parting waters. Going through the fire we went. Heaviness, body pain, uber hightened crabbiness and irritability (even more than we ususally experience), and feelings of being lost, pushed down, in the muck, and stuck in the shadow world were some of the symptoms of stepping forward, along with the common experiences of new dis-connect before we connect once again. But then. . . . the waters parted. . . . we survived the initiation. . . .and we are now in yet another new space ever closer to our ultimate destination.

We are inching our way through the gate. So even though at times we may feel "under" the gate and not through it (as a friend recently so eloquently
stated), we are nonetheless making our way through. Many weeks ago I saw that we would not be entirely "there" until the end of 2013, but as always, ascension has its own plans so it will be interesting to see how things pan out. So although the equinox on September 22 opened up a vast new horizon and we could see far ahead, we are still inching our way there as the new land continues to prepare in small and steady steps.

The closer we get, the better we feel, but because we are not completely there in all ways, we still find ourselves residing in the shadow world for part of the time. . . the world which is basically gone. . . the world which has morphed its way into a world hardly recognizable to many of us. . . the world which has deteriorated and been abandoned as so many of us have been removed from completely participating until it is time. . .the world which is grossly empty and has been stripped bare along with many of its occupants (as they have been on the sidelines readying for the fulfillment of a very new light). . . and the world that will eventually fall into its own shadow as soon as many of us arrive more fully in the new world space ahead of us.

When we are in the shadow world, surviving it can be daunting, at best. At our cores,we may feel that we are basically lost, nowhere to be found, disconnected from any kind of reality, and unable or hindered from starting anything new or connecting to much of anything at all. When we arrive more fully into the new, we are immediately strengthened as we were today. We may feel much more poised to now march though and plant our stakes on new ground, and the feelings of being released may come in strong, even if we do not yet know if this is really "it" or not. The biggest indicator, I believe, will be the subsiding of the heavy and pushing energies, because once we have indeed arrived, we will no longer need a big hand from above keeping us in place so that we do not fall back.

Even if we have absolutely no idea how we will survive this move into the new, how we will ever support ourselves financially, or how we will get to where we need to go, we can rest assured that God knows and is our partner in every aspect along the way. We did not agree to come for this monumental and one-of-a-kind event all by our lonesomes. We have help. We have silent partners. And we will receive the guidance we need precisly when we need it.

As more new ground has recently opened up, we can easily feel that there is now more room to roam. We may not feel as squished and compressed, stuck, or lost. And as always when entering a new space, we experience a cleanse as well along with the usual flurry of energy and much going on with new movement!

Yes, we have indeed been released and have gained ground and as of today (October 16), we are now poised to move forward just a little bit more. The gate has opened and the waters have parted as we now enter more fully into the land of a very new reality.

My heart to yours,

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