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11/16/2013  Crashing Through

The love energy arrived for a taste, we passed through the 11 portal with success, we went through a short period of disappointment or a bit of depression with possible laments about the same old, same old with no spectacular change, and now we are in a space where anything not of love is colliding and crashing with the love energy.

Things are indeed moving along, and even at warp speed if we choose to perceive them that way, but they may just not be revealing themselves in ways we thought they might, or thought they "should." We are releasing the old in massive ways now, either through our dreams, our bodies, or however each of us releases. Whatever is inside of us that is not in alignment with love is being shown and highlighted. And because love vibrates higher than anything else, it is now making itself known more than ever before.

As we enter this latest stage of higher vibrating space, the old is indeed being cleared out and offered to us for a release through love. In addition, if we have been inclined to place all our love in one basket (i.e. showering it on one individual or in one spot over another), these connections will be released so that we can now be free to connect with love in a more universal or all-encompassing way.

We are also entering more fully into a space where creating comes with ease. Because ascension has placed many of us in spaces of intense stress and pressure, either physically through the ascension energies or because of events in our lives or the lives of our loved ones, it can be difficult to see anything at all. But through it all, if we pay attention, we will see that we are indeed creating much. Whatever we are "about," or whatever we occupy our minds with or choose to see and believe will intantly surround us. In this way, if we can shift our inner being and thoughts to what we really want to feel and experience, things surrounding us can change in literally an instant.

It is what we are holding inside of us that is seemingly holding each of us back. Letting go and allowing God to take the helm, letting go of what we thought we knew and how things worked, and simply getting out of the way can allow for a much easier transition. We are all right where we need to be. For whatever reason, we are experiencing precisely what we need to experience. If we feel that we need to leave our current space as it is not remotely what we imagine our perfect spot to be, we can choose to know that we are where we are perhaps for reasons unknown. For some, uniting with family members in new ways or perhaps bringing together community are things that are in the forefront now as we are gathering up as much as possible before we enter more fully into the land of the new. We are touching base, either with our own personal energy for a brief touch or in more substantial ways by gathering up what is now surrounding us before we move on. Thus the quote on the Posts page:

“We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and to bring home any who have lost their way.”  – St. Francis to the first friars).

If we refuse to let go of our "story" of how things appear for us or what we are experiencing, the energy of love and the new will have a much harder time guiding us and embodying our every nook and cranny. We have purged and cleansed so much, and at times it has been so very painfull. . . why continue to hold onto something that is not serving us but only making us "right?" We can let go of "knowing." We can let go of judgments and beliefs about what vibrates higher. Love vibrates the highest, and because this is where we will ultimately end up, why not start now and be in alignment as much as possible?

There is a section in Down Into Up that talks about our separations. About holding onto what makes us different and that this is what separates us, not our shadow sides. The energy of love is bombarding us now, whether we know it or not, and asking us "Which do you choose? Love or your version of what vibrates the highest?"  It is bringing whatever is not in alignment with this new reality based on love right into our spaces. It is also showing us who we are by manifesting who we are all around us.

As we move ever forward, we are indeed crashing through the old as the energy of love begins to take over. . . even if it does not feel like it at times.

My heart to yours,

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