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11/2/2013  Stressing

As we begin merging into new space we are also being held down like enver before. Being held in place so near to the new has created a pushing and stress energy that can be hard to endure. So although we are nearing these very new spots, we are also being held close so as not to move forward too quickly and too prematurely. In addition, many of us are being squeezed from below now as well as from above. More on this further along.

These energies are so intense that one can feel highly stressed and may not know why, and at other times we may think this stress is because of this or that, but whatever the case, the stress is there.

Our bodies can react with new back pain and pressure, chest pressure and heart strain, stiff necks, foot pain with the restructuring going on below us, and however each of us responds to bodily stress. In addition, we can find ourselves popping and snapping in ways that are not normal for us and we may be more irritable than ever before. Ascension has become even more intense when we may have hoped for a bit of a breather!

At the same time, the lower rungs of the restructuring are coming into place. This means that for some, things will progress very quickly and move forward, while for others, the wait is still on. The two doors have been chosen by now. One for those seeking and craving God and the energy of the heart, and the other for those focusing on having the life of their dreams and a more materialistic existence which focuses on the self.

Those craving God and the heart are now poised for a positioning on the higher rungs of the new reality, but still need their brothers and sisters to comprise the rungs beneath them. In time, each and every soul will have an opportunity to move up to a new way of living and being, so in this way, this positioning is not permanent and forever.

For those bringing up the rear, things are (as of this writing) still being "calibrated" as much is now being assessed as to where we will each fit in times to come. And there is a lot to consider. So much will change. The best supports are being matched to each and every one of us, along with things that we cannot possibly know in our own human minds, but will be vitally important in times to come.

Because the lower rungs have begun to move forward and into place, we can find ourselves being pushed out now. Others may come to inhabit our homes, our jobs may suddenly become places where we no longer fit, and so forth as these lower rungs are now beginning more than ever to move us out of the old. The challenge now, is that we still have nowhere yet to go, thus the big squeeze and extra pressure now from all sides. But where we are going next is so very close, that our prior spaces would not be biting at the bit to push us out if the process was not going as smooth as silk.

As these latest energies begin moving and pushing with great intensity, it can greatly assist us to find ways to de-stress, relax, and let go. And to know, as always, that everything is in divine and perfect order.

My heart to yours,

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