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11/22/2013  Emerging

On Saturday, November 16, we began the process of cleansing and letting go as we merged more fully into a higher vibrating space. In this regard, the energies became quite intense while they purified and then purified some more.

Yesterday and last night, we broke through into the next new space. And what a relief. Depending upon how each of us experiences new energy, or at least how we experience a breather and into something that feels so much better than much of what we have known until now, something indeed was occurring for many of us.

An exhale. New light. New manifestations and connections for some. A noticable shift for others, even if nothing else.

Once we entered the new space, the higher vibrating energies arrived and with them came yet another big whollop, if even for a different reason. I suppose at this stage of the game, because we are in such continual movement and change. . . boom, boom, boom. . . it is really a moot point to even go into the whats and whys of it all or to even continue to dissect the process as each stage or phase seems to run unto the next with barely a chance to catch our breath. Whatever the case, we are most certainly continuing to move ahead.

At the same time, we are still building. For some, connecting more fully to things new, then going through an intense stage of purification and letting go can make things "new" seem lost and very far away. And yet for others, the new arrived in our consciousness and started its beginning a very long time ago, then the intense shifting arrived and the new has not been touched upon for far too long!

Because we are building now, the lower rungs are becoming more stabilized before the higher rungs begin their grounding and stabilization. We may hear our friends excitedly exclaiming about new work or new connections for new work and new space, while we still sit in a waiting mode, perhaps wondering if our new will ever arrive at all. For others, the deterioration of their old foundation continues, while for even others, their old has been gone for far too long. Each of us, of course, is precisely where we need to be. And through it all, our brothers and sisters are with us, as everyone is doing their part (more on this further along).

As we progress ever forward now, it can feel like a freight train is barreling through, and within this acute stress fog, it can be hard to connect or to get any kind of clarity and direction at all. During the rare times when things settle out, or if we can find our way to a serene, loving, and relaxed state of being, our new will reveal itself once again and we can say, "Oh! There you are! I had completely forgotten about you!" And yet the building continues.

It can also be difficult to remember and connect to the new right now not only
because of the stress that this process creates, but also because of the relentless nature of the process at this stage of the game. It is relentless when we are almost to a point where things can relax and morph into a very new pattern of existence. The momentum is highly important at this stage of the overall process. We are pushing, pushing, and pushing our way to a space where the pushing will cease in a new way and we can open our eyes and breathe in the new in many, many new ways. This is the fury and fervor before a new birth.

One thing that is very prevalent now, and was prevalent as well during the ascension process immediately prior to a planned shift into the new in 2009 (which unfortunately failed), is the importance of our personal connections. These connections are pivotal and have always been a part of the plan of ascension, and they are happening once again. This is yet another great indicator that we are really on track this time and very poised for this very new space to unfold.

Our personal connections to each other are highly important at this stage of the game for a very specific reason. Some of us might be noticing that when we connect to others with a mutual energy of a higher vibation, we immediately fall into a very new space. This is the space of the new. And in order to fully arrive, we need to connect to each other.

The reason we are having this experience once again, is because it is our mutual  connections that will sustain the higher vibrating energy in times to come. Meaning. . . .we will finally be able to take over on our own without the strong hand from above pushing us along so that we do not slip back. Our connections to each other are instrumental in forming the new grid. It cannot survive indefinitely with continual higher vibrating energies arriving to prop it up. We must prop ourselves up and sustain this space on our own through our personal connections.

We would not be having this experience if we were not getting very close to a massive shift into a higher vibrating reality. Another promising indicator is the simple fact that with this latest shift, we may be feeling happy for no known reason. We may simply feel emotionally good. The new is making itself known. It has come ever closer and is beginning to show itself more fully.

Additionally, in the days prior to this shift of 11/22, we may have felt jittery, nervous, uneasy, frightened, and even felt that we were going somewhere but were not sure if we wanted to or of the possible ramifications. "This is it!" something seemed to be saying. "Are you finally ready?" "Here we go!" And now, we have gone, if even only a big step closer. Our animal companions may also have been aware of this imminent shift and become more clingy than normal or even more stressed and insecure themselves.

The portal of 11/11 did indeed push us far, but then the adjustments arrived making some of us wonder if we had really "gone" anywhere at all. We are in the fervor of the birth now. The relentless movement that makes it difficult to see beyond. And as we continue to build while alongside the still continual movement, we are putting into place the foundation for the new with perfect and steady progress.

My heart to yours,

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