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11/26/2013  The Darkness

During the week-end of November 23/24 we experienced a planetary cleansing of old energies relating to all things family that will not fit into the new reality of a higher vibration. Any old family patterns and dysfunctions were brought to the surface for clearing. This included energies with our biological families, animal companions as part of our families, soul families, neighbors, and whatever and whomever each of us considered family.

In this way, a massive amount of darkness was brought to the surface and dislodged, while at the same time, some of us were placed in situations where we connected to family once again. Whatever the case, this is what occurred and why:

We needed to re-connect in order to prepare for the new patterns that will exist in a higher vibrating reality. We needed to start from scratch. At the samet time, because we are starting over, old and denser energies needed to come to the surface for clearing. These denser or darker energies were dislodged during the clearing and became acutely fearful. In this way, they lashed out with a vengeance as they were terrified of losing their footing and becoming extinct.

Loving these energies as they pass by is the simplest and most effective way of protecting ourselves and of setting them free. And staying in the energy of love also places us in alignment with the energy of the new.

While the darkness was indeed up, our re-established family connections were also strengthened for the future. In times to come, because we will soon be helping each other and creating enormous bonds together as part of the new grid, this precursor was a mandatory part of the ascension process. Dislodging the darkness was a simple by-product. The new bonds will soon bring enormous joy and fulfillment as we progress ever forward.

We continue to move ahead at warp speed. Boom, boom, boom. The energies are very high and intense at the moment. Our animal companions continue to become stressed, as do our now very weary bodies. But we are almost at a substantial pivotal point with the advent of the new year.

Things are beginning to come together piece by piece, but not everything is in its final position just yet. The new bonds will make a difference as they begin to progress. We may also find ourselves beginning to "clean out" or clear out the old from our current spaces. We are preparing, whether consciously or not. Much of the old in our lives is also at a strange standstill, almost at zero point, as we begin the process of flipping into the new in continual steady increments.

December should pack and enormous punch as the energies continue on with the process. We just need to hold on a little longer. January should arrive with so much in place, that new patterns of reality will begin to take hold and we can really, and I mean really, move ahead with much less stress. And as soon as we sustain the higher vibrations of the new through our personal connections, the energies that have been stressing us for so long, will finally begin to subside.

This is an exciting time. We have much to look forward to.

My heart to yours,

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