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11/30/2013  Integrating

We experienced such a massive cleansing the past few days, followed by a thrust of higher vibrating energy, that we literally flew ahead into such a new space that all things cosmic began to arrive (depending upon how each of us is connected and wired).

Although the cleansings were quite intense (there were two back to back), what followed was a relief in many ways as we finally began to connect with the new reality and hold it within us without slipping back. We are getting so close now, and we have emptied so much, that we are more poised than ever to finally begin the embodiment of the new reality and to have it stay.

I had several instances of spontaneously flipping into the next dimension, and oh did it feel divine. So full. After all the emptiness, experiencing somethig so full and calm and serene and right and joyful and expansive and normal was nothing short of divine. A brand new life with all the bells and whistles!

At the same time, these experiences are beginning to actually manifest in form now. Our surroundings may suddenly begin to feel "normal" and full and right as well, if even in small stages, but nonetheless arriving on their own and staying.

We are indeed beginning to see and experience the arrival of a brand new reality.

And again, during this time, we also connected more fully to the next dimensional reality. Instead of touching noses and then slipping back until we could earn our way there, we are now touching noses and keeping this space within us. We are so close to coming home that if we place our focus on home, we can go in and out of acutally feeling that this is where we now live. That perhaps we are temporarily away from home now and will be returning sometime very soon.

The exact location of my new home finally revealed itself these past few days, and instead of being aware that this was a possibility, I felt an absolutely overwhelming awareness and feeling that this place was where I lived, and had been living for quite some time. So familiar. So right. The perfect fit. Waves of this feeling came barelling through and are still making themselves known.

(Many of us will be drawn and guided to higher vibrating geographical areas and will assist in keeping a higher vibration sustained there. In time, just as we need to connect to each other in order to sustain a higher vibrational reality on our own, the fore-running geographical areas will connect to each other as well, all with individual purpose for each area along with the purpose of the inhabitants.)

When the higher energies arrived yesterday, an entirely new future arrived for me as well. I could see it and feel it and embrace it. It was there in all aspects, from work to home to people to everything else.

The higher vibrating energies that serve to provide these experiences have now waned. They have waned because we are integrating now. These actual things of the new reality are being integrated within us before we move more fully ahead. In this way, feeling tired, blah, and even serene right now are simply indictors of the new being fused into our being.

The closer we get, the more that God begins to enter our awareness as well, as this new reality has, of course, God at the center of it all. We may find ourselves drawn to things that for us represent God in some way, or we may find that every time we look around, something that feels like God is making an attempt to get our attention. More manifestations of the new peeking through and making an attempt to grab on and find a home.

At the same time, in some aspects, the new may not actually be new at all. It may simply be the case that whatever experience we may be integrating, will simply be vibrating higher now and filled with a new light and higher vibrating essence. Same people, work, geographical location and like, but now filled with much light and a distinct absence of darkness.

For many, the next step will involve bringing God to those on the lower rungs, or simply bringing God to the masses in whatever form that takes. The higher we vibrate, the closer we become to God, or at least the easier it is for God to make itself known as we are more in God's back yard now than ever before.

Although we are embodying higher vibrating energies more and more as we progress, we are still in need of receiving them from above. And as mentioned in piror posts, connecting to each other will be paramount in maintaining this vibratory level on our own. It is our brothers and sisters who will continue to supply us with what is needed, whether it be information for our next step, simple love and caring, or companionship and support on the way. It is through each other that the light will have the most impact. And I say. . . . hooray for that!

My heart to yours,

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