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11/6/2013  New Beginnings

Hello Everyone,

Here is the latest with our move forward:

The eclipse of November 3rd supported us in the same way that solar eclipses most always do; we stopped, then went through the door into a brand new day. A new beginning arrived with new grounding, new sense of place, and in general, more forward movement into the new. This movement through the opening of  the eclipse gave us more room and eased all the pressure and squeezing a bit, but because we are now in more higher vibrating energy now, additional symptoms could be felt!

While we were in the midst of coming out on a new side (if even only another step forward), the energies were more intense than ever. Going through the gateway was like being squeezed and then spit out, with so much intensity that our already over-stressed selves may have wondered what now? Dizziness, vertigo, feeling wobbly, head pressure, and the usual gamut of bodily reminders that many of us have now become so very accustomed to, revealed themselves yet again for some.

But even so, we were given more breathing room as the restructuring of the new grid continues. The lower rungs are still being put into place and things are moving right along. Because of this, manifestations are beginning to occur. We may find that we have resolved things that were at a standstill before, that new doors are opening, and that we are a bit more at the helm than we have been for so very long.

We are, as always, inching our way into this new land one piece at a time, only right now, we are actually building for a change. At the same time, we are continuing to release some of the old that no longer fits. As always, we may suddenly feel that we can no longer do what we have done in the past, even if what we were doing was a temporary stop-gap or even if what we were doing was our purpose the last time around.

We are going into brand new territory now, and this means new. For many, mindless creativity has taken over as a very strong desire without the mental and purposeful planning of endeavors past. As things continue to progress, we will find that much of what we desire or even have a casual thought about will suddenly manifest for us. This is the way of the new. This phenomenon should (but we never really know with ascension) continue on indefinitely and because of this new way of being, our desires and what we believe is possible or even practical will continue to swerve this way and that way. If we can have whatever we want, our plans may suddenly change.

Generally speaking, with each "lift" of the energies, we will find ourselves in brand new spaces and these new spaces will re-define what we may have desired in times past. As the lower rungs continue to build, we will again feel squished and pressured at times, but with the advent of 11:11:2013, we will burst through into the new once again for a much bigger reprieve as the process continues on unitl the end of 2013.

New spaces will arrive for some and but not yet for others as these spaces are dependent upon "the line-up" within the hierarchy. And as always, there is no judgment. Love is the defining factor and each of us will move forward in accordance with how much love we desire, crave, and chose to embody within, among other criteria. The lower rungs are vitally needed to support the higher rungs as we are all in this together, and brothers and sisters at our core.

I cannot wait to see what happens next.

My heart to yours,

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