12.16.2013  The Angel of God

Greetings and Welcome!

SEVERAL DAYS AGO, I was fortunate enough to accompany my mother to her Bible study meeting.  This was the second time I was able to attend and I loved it as much as the first time. I was even more fortunate  to be selected to read a passage, and the selected passage was, of course, precisely and divinely relevant to our current stage of ascension:

Exodus 14:19-21

19 Then the angel of God who was going before the host of Israel moved and went behind them, and the pillar of cloud moved from before them and stood behind them, 20 coming between the host of Egypt and the host of Israel. And there was the cloud and the darkness. And it lit up the night without one coming near the other all night.

21 Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the Lord drove the sea back by a strong east wind all night and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.

The most recent ascension posts have been referring to our nearer than ever before proximity to the new reality, or Promised Land. Because we are so very close now to our intended destination, we can now have experiences of touching this amazing space on a more regular basis. We are nearing. And because we are nearing, just like the passage of Exodus, we are at a point now where we are jumping ahead more fully and leaving the bulk of the old behind us.

We may be having experiences relevant to who we are that place us "ahead," or rather within the God-centered space of the new, allowing us to be present there, if even for just a short time now, and then we revert back. The more we touch base, the more we will be prepared for the cross-over soon to come.

We are inching ever closer now. Touching, touching, and touching. The waters are indeed beginning to divide. We are beginning the stage, aligning in a long procession now, of crossing over.

Immediately after we completed the integration and re-alignment of the new blueprint of family, whatever that was comprised of for each of us, we jumped into integrating the new reality in all ways, and much more fully. This massive integration created (of course!), fatigue and feelings of being drained and depleted, along with chest and head congestion, deep voice, dizziness, and however each of us manifests and responds to these energies. And whenever we move forward substantially, the darkness is dislodged as well, and this can at times create feelings of fear, anxiety, and panic on top of everything else. 

We are moving ahead so swiftly now, that situations and conditions can change in an instant. But even so, there is a definite and precise divine plan in place that we continue to fall within, no matter what.

Amidst this menagerie of experiences we may be having, is also a continual energy of love, calm, and security. We may find ourselves in a state of fear and then ever so suddenly in a mere instant,  find ourselves calm and serene. The love and energy of the new reality is making itself known.

We have come extremely far in regard to ascension just within the past few months and weeks. I can remember coming to know that I would eventually end up in Southern Oregon, and at that time, while still living in North Carolina, Oregon seemed so, so far away! Much too far an expanse at that time to ever believe that it would become a reality. And not only was it far geographically speaking, but it was a huge stretch in regard to everything else! And now it feels like just one small step away.

Much is beginning to fall into place for us. Things are waiting. . . just waiting for us in this new land. . . even though we may still be aligning and preparing in all ways. The more we line up, the closer we come to a land where ease and security are constant companions, where love, fullness, color, and contentment predominate, and where we feel more loved than ever before.

We have made great progress with new connections to each other. This phase is going well and will serve to support us now and in times to come. We are without doubt, right where we need to be. Along with connecting to each other, our connections to God are strenghtening as well. We may crave God now more than ever before, and find ourselves most comfortable in surroundings that have religion or similar at their core, even if we are not completely in alignment with the teachings thereof. We may find great peace and solace in the energies of the angels now, as they are our companions now more than ever before, as we are about to reside more closely in their own backyard. We may be experiencing a strange  unity in our dreams at night, and having unusual dreams that we have never had before.

We may find that our old roles in regard to ascension are a mere memory, as very new jobs are beginning to peek through for us. . . . jobs with new parameters and purposes as angels of a new earth and messengers of God. Because our old is falling away, our income may be falling away as well. This is a common state of ascension and change. And because so much is changing for us, we are now in the process of letting go of our old roles and indentity in regard to being "lightworkers."

As lightworkers, from the time we were born, we cleared darkness through ourselves. None of us were ever born with past life issues, or other in place energies that needed healing. Because we are so advanced as souls, we arrived free and clear. The energies within us that we attempted to clear were never ours. They were energies that we picked up from what was around us. It is now time to let all of these energies go. We can give them back to their original source where they now belong. It is time for us to move on. We have different jobs now and will be returning to our original "clear" selves as we cross-over and start new and fresh while still in form.

We are also finding that it is time to state what we want. It is time to be more assertive than we have ever been. We are preparing to establish the new and we must now remember how to say what it is that we want and be clear as well as adamant and sure about it.

So much is happening now during this amazing and unprecedented time. As we begin the cross-0ver,
we may also have a new identity of great innocence, vulnerability, and an almost child-like demeanor as we have been stripped of so much in readiness for the process. This is a most beautiful state to find ourselves in, because it is within this state that the angels will come and escort us across. If we ever become fearful, we can call on Archangel Michael for his profound protection (or even assistance with our new purpose), on Archangel Raphael for his expertise in healing, or even on Archangel Metatron for his gift of clearing energies from us that are not our own. I have done this on so many occasions of late and the results are immediate and so very love filled. The angels love to help us no matter what the situation.

The angels are also here to help us across. We do not need to do this on our own. And when the time is right, and if we are open and get out of our own way, and if we surrender and allow this connection to occur, and if we are comfortable letting go, we will be divinely escorted into a new heaven on earth.

My heart to yours,

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