12.23.2013  The Endless Cleanse

Greetings and Welcome!

THE LABOR HAS BEEN LONG, and now that we are near the end, the contractions that are propelling us to the light at the end of the tunnel are coming closer and closer and closer together. We are moving so quickly now that we literally have no time to catch our breaths before the next round of cleansing and purification energies arrive. . . .and I mean at times not even a few hours or minutes. The waves and phases are relentless, but it is within these waves of relentless energy that our future is held. . . and it is a future that we can now begin to see as it continues the process of taking over the old.

The small pinprick of light that we have been able to glimpse at spontaneuos moments in months past has now turned into a wide opening, and this opening continues to grow and expand the more we progress. Depending upon how each of us is connected to Source, the cleansings and releasing can manifest in a muriad of ways. From chills, to severe body aches, to vomiting, to extreme weakness and depletion, to head and sinus pressure, to back pain, we are integrating, re-aligning, and releasing now as we move into the light more fully.

This has been a long road, understatedly so, and this slamming we are experiencing in the month of December may seem like  just too much to take after such a long and gruelling process. It can be difficult to keep our heads up, as the minute we complete one phase, within hours we are bombarded by the next. Nonetheless,  it is the darkness before the dawn, even though it can be difficult to see what is actually transpiring as so much darkness and muck is being released within us and around us.

It is now that we can call on our faith to get us through of we so choose. God is unquestionably at the helm, and there are so many angels in assistance now that they are literally blanketing our environment with their presence.  

Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer. 

From the end of the earth I call to you, when my heart is faint. 

Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

----  Psalm 61:1-2

With so much assistance from above now at our disposal, a simple prayer can help to shift things when we feel overwhelmed by all the chaos, commotion, and surrounding darkness. Lift me up God, lift me up can be all that is needed. I have done this on numerous occasions and it can greatly shift things in record time.

Because we are so near now to a new reality, our new roles and spaces are being put into place as well. With so much crashing all around us, the new that is building alongside it can be hard to detect, or even to follow along even though the messages and nudges have become near impossible to miss. The angels are working with us. They are placing important clues and crumbs in our line of vision and within our spaces so that we cannot miss their significance. And if we ask on a regular basis, they will assist many times within minutes.

We do not have to do this last phase on our own. We have multitudes of angels just waiting for us to call upon them. And if we become too weak, depleted, exhausted, or blinded by so much darkness flailing around us (we are in a massive cleansing now), they are more than happy to take over. It may appear that we have somehow been abandoned during this stressful time, and in our fatigue we may see only one set of footprints walking before us, perhaps making us feel alone and even afraid. But as the story goes, those footprints are not even our own. Our footprints are barely touching the ground at this stage. The footprints we see are the footprints of God's messengers as we are being carried and whisked away by bands of heavenly angels. They are lovingly making sure that we make it to the other side if we feel that we simply cannot do it on our own.  More. . .

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