12.8.2013  Moving Right Along

Greetings and Welcome!

ALTHOUGH IN SOME WAYS  it might not feel like it, we are nonetheless moving right along and today we experienced yet another completion. Prior posts mentioned that December would most likely pack one big punch, and indeed it has. We may be more than weary (or rather beyond even registering weary anymore) of the intense struggles the ascension process has created this past year or two in regard to physical, mental, and emotional health issues; but onward we continue if even through a veil of now limp and lifeless protests, perhaps feeling hopeless, wondering if this process will ever let up, or let alone get us to a new and rightful destination.

We are moving ahead right on schedule. The last quarter of 2013 has been predominantly about connecting with our families, whomever and whatever they may be, along with fine tuning the where-abouts and what-abouts of our very new spaces in a much better reality.

The family connections are still on-going, and this is what any recent tension, cleansing, releasing, and re-connecting  has been about (along with, of course, our own personal connections to God and the heart). We have to connect to each other in order to sustain the new vibration of a new reality all on our own. So now, we are in the midst of all things relating to these connections. If any of our "family" members, or whomever we will be connecting to, are still in need of a tune-up or personal restructuring, we are then placed in waiting (while we continue to cleanse and tune-up ourselves).

In this way, we are preparing for the connections in order to make sure that they will indeed "take," as this is vitally important. Those ready for placement on the higher rungs of the new reality are dependent upon those who will be ready to occupy the lower rungs. And if we find that we will be (or choose to be) connected to another who is not yet ready, a readiness plan is now being put into place for all concerned.

This is what is occurring at the moment of this post. Alignments are being made. If we suddenly feel that we have not spoken to our usual circle of friend of late, or perhaps we are feeling a bit cut off or that we have fallen down a long corridor where everyone else is seemingly at the other end, this is because the re-alignments are in process.

So what about connecting to home, or to our new heavenly space that is so close now in the next dimension?

After we had such a strong cleansing in November relating to "family," the new blueprint arrived for family. If we were able to feel it, touch it, or connect to it, then grabbing onto it and being in it as much as possible  greatly enhanced our experience of feelings of home. This blueprint was part of the new. If two individuals grabbed on and held it, then this alone served to keep it afloat until others could get on board.

Right now, we are waiting for others to get on board.

The same is true for geographical locations and new work or expressions. Especially after a cleanse or great movement, when we can actually see the other side before we most times slip back, is a good time to grab on now. We are able to grab on more fully and hold this space now more than ever before because we are so close. It is time. And connecting to others who hold the same space of reality will greatly enforce our ascension process and assist in speeding it up as well.

Don't see home quite yet? You will. If I can see it and feel it, anyone can. I am no different than you.

December is also bringing in some much higher vibrating energies as well. In this way, we are tuning up and preparing for a bigger cross-over in January of 2014. We need to hold these energies with ease if we are to sustain a new reality.  Envisioning and holding the space within of where we want to be and of what we want things to look like, along with staying positive can greatly assist with the process right now.

Things are indeed beginning to find their way to us, if even in stops and starts as we continue with the process of connecting to each other. I have been unable to complete my new web site (thus, this current temporary bare-bones web site as I could take no more of the temporary train wreck of  the prior one!), as what I will be offering is in some ways very different than what I imagined weeks ago, and also very dependent upon some new connections which are still in the preparation stage and may not fulfill at all.
We need these connections to be complete before 2014 begins. We are now in the process of aligning them and of integrating new blueprints. Those who are not yet ready to implement the new blueprints will always have an opportunity to do so in times to come. We physically touched noses (and we still have time to touch noses for those who still have not) with any possible new connections, and now we are in the process of determining who we will bond more securely with and who we will be able to hold the new blueprints with. If we are unable to connect physically, we will usually connect in our dream states. Opportunities are still being given for some to step up to the plate and to make internal adjustments in order to immediately be in alignment with these new blueprints in order to be ready for the cross-over in 2014.

Touching noses at all with anyone in recent weeks is also creating the opportunity for everyone to integrate and connect to the new blueprint at any given time in the future. This is yet another reason for this occurrence. It plants the seed.

All this is occurring because we are scheduled to plant our feet very firmly on new ground when 2014 arrives. But we must, and this is mandatory, connect to each other first. This is what did not occur in 2009 and 2010 (Down Into Up explains this all in much greater detail). We have given everyone enough time to "catch up" and now it is up to us. And we will be moved around and re-positioned all in accordance with how these connections take or do not take. We have to match vibrations and connect together via the new blueprints of the new reality which we will be holding within.

I have been experimenting with the publishing waters, and although I did not know this was possible at the time of its release, Down Into Up is now available in paperback format.  It can easily be purchased via Amazon's CreateSpace store which usually ships the same day, as well as through Amazon or your preferred book seller.

Although we are still in some intense squeezing energies which continue to intensify, we are making the progress intended and continuing along the path of the birth canal. So close now, that we are touching and actually beginning to hold the other side.

My heart to yours,

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