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Lifting and Tweaking. . . .and Almost Home

Greetings and Welcome!

ALTHOUGH THIS ENDLESS PROCESS is as usual, continuing on with seemingly no end in sight, we are actually at the end, in a strange way, as the latest energy alignments and occurrences are all relative to reaching a final destination. This new process has several earmarks that continue to occur while we achor in as fully as we can before the energies finally lift to reveal our very new homes. The earmarks:

1.  Placements on the vibrational rungs continue to affect us, as the lower rungs are now beginning to implement a new life in the physical, creating a pushing out of anything that does not belong there (as these departing energies vibrate higher and are poised to reside somewhere else). The lower rungs are preparing their new spaces as well, as they now know where they will be residing, and are feeling the excitement of all things only dreamed about now coming into form.

2.  The magical energies are ever present now for all of us, and can be seen and utilized if we choose to look for them (more on this further along).

3.  Each and every individual residing on the planet is still experiencing the pushing and cleansing energies, as we are not yet at our ultimate destination for this phase. So in this way, even if a soul is complete with his/her new space, the pressure from above can still be felt.

4.  We are still moving into place in some ways, and this involves separations from others for some, and unity with others for others (strange sentence. . . .my brain is currently out of gear).

5.  Because we are moving into place more fully now, those who are residing on the higher rungs are finally getting closer to their new homes, if even in strange ways, but getting closer nonetheless.

6.  There has been a considerable amount of movement of late. . .. massive and deep movement. . . and this has created strange and unsettling feelings for some. Feelings and experiences that do not fit into any category or nitch as they are most assuredly other worldly. We may feel so strange and off that we simply have to lie down or get into bed. We may feel acutely ill, but cannot really describe how. We may have a need for unusual amounts of sleep and rest. We are moving into a new dimension and this experience in the physical has never occurred before.

Yesterday, Feburary 27th, the energies suddenly lifted. We could move about more freely, actually breathe, and begin to experience this very new world. But then today, the pressure resumed and we are back once again to what the squeezing energies continue to create.

Even though we may feel that there is no end in sight and that we are living in some kind of homeless, lifeless, and grossly unpleasant state of affairs, the magical energies are ever present if we choose to acknowledge them. I have developed a new state of being of late, and it has greatly helped. Whenever something occurrs that is helpful and wonderful and supportive and right, I celebrate. I have found that I end up celebrating so much during each and every day, that it is acutely evident that something wonderful is taking immense care of me and making darn sure that I am as comfortable as I can be, even though it has seemed intensely otherwise for quite some time.

Daily prayer and communion with God and the angels is another way to stay in a wonderful space as much as possible. This energy of love is all around us. It permeates everything. And if we choose to tap into it and make it our reality instead of focusing on how uncomfortable we may feel, we can stay connected to the energy of the new at any given moment. Being acutely crabby is still at the forefront, no question, and this state of being is a part of the process as well.

How are those residing on the higher rungs getting closer to home? For some of us, we may have recently actually touched noses with our new homes in the physical, although we are not quite there in all ways. For this writer, I received a very strong nudge that it was time for me to move on from my temporary space in California, and for several weeks my new area called to me, over and over again, so away I went. Although my soul plan was for me to begin a residency in the Pacific Northwest at this juncture in the ascension processs, my heart was dictating otherwise. I am now back in western North Carolina amidst rolling hills which ooze more love than I have ever experienced, and among the smiling faces of four amazing children.

This small town in Western North Carolina, for me, was by far the best place I had ever lived. In the three years I lived here, I frequently declared that I would never live anywhere else. It was like getting a huge hug from Brevard each and every day, and I was not the only one who remarked about the love here in this small town. It was not only the very special people here, but the energy of the area as well, with awesome forest and endless waterfalls, and of course, a perfect spot to raise children. "There is no fear here," I would hear over and over again, and it was decidedly true for all of us.

God knew where my heart was calling me. To hear our five year-old ask on the phone one day, "Grandma, do you remember where our house is?" was almost too much to bear. As the time drew near, and even though I had not told them I would be returning (who knew with certainty what twists and turns the ascension process would create?) he began crying for me, something he had never done in the long five months of our separation. At his soul level he knew. And now, as I am temporarily at my daughter's house while I look for yet another temporary spot for just a little while longer, I am frequently asked, "Are you leaving?" of which I can now answer, "No. I am staying with you forever now." 

We have just a bit futher to go. The final tweaks and touches are being put into place. We did indeed have quite a cross-over as we moved from January and into February, and now the final touches are being implemented, creating more bodily stress and cleansings and more intense energy than we have experienced yet, while at the same time we are really beginning to live within the new structure of a very new reality. And love, and love, and more love are ever present like never before.

My h
eart to yours,

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