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Explosions, Breaking Up, and Repositioning

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"I FEEL LIKE SOMEONE LIT a bomb under my feet!" "I am so scared and shaky and I do not even know why! I just feel so scared all of the sudden." "I am feeling strangely scattered and discombobulated." "I have not been sleeping at all. It's like I am hovering and cannot let down." "I am so confused. What in the world is going on?" "Up, down, up, down, up down. When will things ever settle out?" "This pressure on my body has just got to let up. My ears are full, my sinuses are screaming, my back is breaking, my skin is burning, and my nose is pouring. I give up!" "I cannot believe we are parting ways. After all these years! But if I think about it, we are really no longer a good match." "I have absolutely no idea where I want to live next or what I will even be doing. And I was so clear only a few weeks ago!" "Henry just died? Oh, I am so sorry." "I am so exhausted I can barely walk." "I am so busy, I can't keep up!" "This is the worst mood I have ever been in. Maybe it is not even me. Maybe I am just picking up on some universal energy or something. Boy, am I crabby! Watch out!" "My oatmeal just blew up in the microwave and went absolutely everywhere! What a mess. I have not seen a mess like this in a zillion years. It went everywhere! And now, of course, I have to clean it up. Sigh."

We have entered the next phase, especially over the past few days. And like a strong explosion scattering everything at its core, we have been pushed with great force and with timely and perfectly orchestrated precision, to our perfectly matched and more permanent positions within the new hierarchy of the new reality. The establishment of the vibrational rungs which constitute a new reality have been completed and now we are being carefully and deliberately realigned with them.

This completion, this new permanence, this new placement from the core of our beings is blasting apart anything and everything that no longer resonates or vibrates as we do. It must all fall away now, leaving our cores (as this is what is now left of so many of us!) to connect to each other and to our new spaces on this new and exciting grid of a very new reality.

"But I wasn't ready yet! I mean, I don't even know where I am going and I am being let go and pushed out already! Just hold on a minute here." "Well, I have been ready for months and months and surviving in the land of no land with absolutely nothing left, stretching my coping skills and what meager and miniscule energy I remotely have left to beyond their breaking point. Depression would be an understatement here."

Whatever the case for each of us, for most of us, we may not know where we are going in all ways, but God certainly does. It is time. It is most certainly time and the universal energies are doing precisely what was intended at this juncture in the process. Whatever is left is being split apart, only to reunite once again with a much more suitable match in every way imaginable. It is the final letting go of whatever is left. . . .the final detachment. . . .the final severence of any remaining ties. We are indeed settling into our very new spaces, even though (as of this writing) we have yet to connect to them in the ways we have been waiting for for so very long.

"Well, I don't see any Promised Land at my doorstep at the moment. After all this waiting and misery, I was at least hoping it would have arrived by now. How long is this going to take, anyway? I need some hope!" And who wouldn't feel this way? This process has gone on forever!

This process of ascension has been all about leaving one reality or established world, and arriving at yet another world or reality. Completely unplugging from one and plugging into another. A monumentous task to say the least. In the new reality, we are plugged into a force, a source, a God, or whatever we choose to call it, and this energy is so pronounced that it is all we see and what we are continually conscious of. As mentioned in prior posts, this energy has been here all along, only we have been focused elsewhere. All the cleansings during the process were designed to more completely reveal what has been there all along, as well as raising our collective environment so that we could now easily match the vibration of the new reality, thus enabling us to cross over with ease onto a very new higher vibrating grid.

When the squeezing energies subside, and we are able to finally get our heads up and "see," this higher awareness will make itself known with ease. It has been peeking through and showing itself here and there, but at the right time, it will be ever evident. In this way, we can see (and some of us have been having this experience for a while now), that nothing much matters except that love is at the center of it all. It has never really mattered then, what was actually occuring. God did not care about what we created and why or what else. God does care, however, that we love each other and that love is ever present in all our endeavors. This is why I have written so frequently about the two gates of choice. Some are more focused on love and God at the center of it all, and others about personal manifestation. "But I do not see how one is exclusory of another!" many of you have written. When God takes over, nothing else matters. God is all that matters and all we want. But in the end, we will find that, again, what we choose to do or create is insignificant to God  anyway. We will find that it never really mattered and that all the trying and attempts to create a higher vibrating world were not what anything was really all about. The energy then, of this new reality, is all about God being at the core of every single thing and comprising the air that we breathe. This awareness very naturally removes any kind of judgment as well. (Hoping this all makes sense as I am one very tired and uber crabby writer at the moment!)

Our timeline? My information shows that after February 4th (tomorrow), things will really begin to shift. But again, as always with ascension, we never really know for sure. At any rate, February does indeeed seem to be the month for our arrival into the new and the completion of this long and challenging cycle of spiritual growth. Hopefully, by the time many of you read this post, it will be inconsequencial! And for those who continue to read, thank you for reading! And thank you as well for enduring a post written by an uber crabby writer.

My h
eart to yours,

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