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Sleeping Our Way to Heaven?

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Greetings and Welcome!

WE ARE CURRENTLY IN A STATE of quiet and stillness in regard to the ascension process, but even though the energies are sitting still, so to speak, much is occurring behind the scenes as we are still in the final process of placements and positionings.

During the crossover from January to February, the energies were quite frenzied and much was disrupted as so much movement was occurring. Because February is the month for the final release, whomever and whatever needed to be poised and ready for the new positioning to occur. So in this way, a lot was stirred up. Immediately prior to this stage, the rungs of vibrational hierarchy were being put into place on our very new grid. This was the last phase before each soul could arrive in a new home. Now. . . . we are being placed within them.

When the frenzy energy of that final movement en masse ceased around February 4th, there was a brief peace, calm, and stillness. Then on February 5th, the gates flew open once again and with this movement, those who are comprising the lower rungs were much more fully anchored onto them. In this way, invitations were made, groups were joined, souls came together, and placements made intact within the world of the physical reality. On the 5th, the energies were moving with such movement and overwhelm it was near impossible to keep up.

When the energies arrive in this way, everyone can feel them, no matter where any of us is residing on the hierarchy of rungs. So for those who are in the process of making up the sound structure of the lower rungs, which all of us absolutely need and will greatly benefit from, exciting new developments and a new sense of place and home arrived. But because the rungs higher up have not yet reached this stage, the experience of overwhelm and great movement occurred, but with nothing going anywhere at all. Other souls then, could feel overwhelmed with much movement, but the movement was going nowhere and created nothing.

So then, the 5th settled in the core to core connections on the lower rungs and then. . . . poof! Blah, nothing, emptiness, flat, brain fog, off kilter, weird, lost, empty, and. . . . tremendous blocks for the remainder of us waiting in the higher vibrating frequencies. And not only does it feel weird here, but the no sense of place feeling and experience many of us have been having for so long then morphed into a no sense of place with the ususal no sense of place!

The blah and flatline energies are also creating sleep for many. All we may want to do is sleep, sleep, and sleep some more no matter where we are residing. And along with this great need for sleep, we are also being severely blocked from anything arriving for us, from any resolutions we may need, from any connections we may desire, and basically from any forward movement at all. We are of course, being blocked until it is time to move foward once again.

So. . . . . we are sleeping as all of us are integrating the advent of the stabilization of the lower rungs and celebrating the new homes for these souls, we are being blocked because we cannot move forward again until it is time, but also during this time there is another phenomenon occurring.

The energy of the new reality is all about love and God at its core. This is the energy that absolutely everything will stem from and that everything will shoot off from. In this way, the core of our being, as that is what now remains for so many of us after the massive cleansings of the past few years (and especially the past two), will connect to the core of others, and these cores will of course comprise the pristine energy of God and Source and love and everything that goes with it.

We will in essence then, be connecting through our hearts. Everything will have the heart at its core, at the center, be the reason for everything, and so on, as the heart will be the filter that we all see from and that we utilize first. What will soon be occurring then for many of us, will either 
be a change in relationships, a loss of relationships, or very new relationships arriving within the next few weeks as all of us continue with the process of settling into our very new homes. 

For some, relationships will end if they cannot sustain the heart at their cores and survive living in the energy of heightened love and gratitude with both parties on equal turf. For others, partners may find that they have chosen (whether consciously or not) to stay connected to their current partner and then must make massive and deep changes within themselves. And yet for others, we will finally experience the connection and unity with our deepest soul mates whom we have yet to have met. (The twin flame connection is too long of an explanation for this post, but it has surprising manifestations.)

So even though it may seem as if nothing is occurring right now, and that everything may have simply stopped short and given up, this is in no way the case. Even in this latest state of blah, glimmerings are beginning to come through (it is easier to see things when the energies are actually more subtle, which has been rare, to say the least!). We may begin to see with total clarity that simpler is better, than the ordinary is where the heart resides, and perhaps that our relationships and the love they offer is absolutely where we need and want to be forever more.

The lower rungs of the ladder of hierarchies are so vitally important to our process. Absolutely everything belongs, and in this we can find the most immense gratitude for the souls who occupy these rungs. As they become more fully established we may find ourselves celebrating along with them and be filled with immense joy at their happiness, success, and new sense of place. In addition, the more they come into place, the more that all of us will begin to feel the "normalcy" energy returning (something we have not felt in a very long time!). We will also begin to receive support from them, not only in regard to their energetic occupancy "below" us, but financially, emotionally, and so on as well. . . . .as they will be so very happy and feel so at home that things will begin to flow like never before, and in this all of us will be affected. In everything give thanks.

I have been spending my time of late creating a new web site for my new offerings, and am creating it from scratch, which is something I have never done before. I am fiinally at a point where it has all come together and I now have the framework, or template complete with all the necessary links and sidebar headings. Similar to where we currently are in regard to ascension. Being that I am new at this, when I got ready to input all the content into the frame (or cells, as they are called) the border of the cell expanded out and moved far beyond the intentional fame, even though I had programmed it for a specific boundary. And this is also where we are in regard to ascension. We are putting the content (or our souls) into specific frames, or rungs, on a very new template. And we need the order and structure complete in order to create the stability needed for a very new reality to begin. Each rung or placement is vitally necessary for the good of the whole as we are all very connected.

This is indeed a time for celebration. I can remember writing about many of these things during 2010 and the years prior, and now they are acutally occurring. When we reached a higher vibrating space in 2010, we did not have the necessary rungs established below the higher vibrating rungs and in this way, those on the higher rungs were holding all the energy with absolutely no support. So we went back, started over, and this is where we have now ended up. And we have indeed been successful this time. So even though the pushing and squeezing energies are still present (although they continue to wax and wane in their intensity), they will subside altogether when the time is right and all of us are firmly and securely established within our very new homes.

My heart to yours,

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