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"I WANT TO GO HOME!" my youngest grandson shouted amidst a nightmare he experienced last week. And I believe that sums things up for many of us. At this point many of us simply just want to go home. Personally, I believe we may be feeling this way not only because of the many challenges we have faced, but because we are simply this close to actually going home, or at least finding new homes on a very new earth.

Up and down we go with the energies. Touching base and feeling great at one moment and then spiraling into the depths of despair only a short time later. Fits of weeping, episodes of great detachment, disorientation, isolation, and feelings of futility are all very common during these final stages as we are in the "nothing left" and "no reality left" states when we are not touching base with the new.
We may feel utterly blank, with a deer in the headlights frame of mind, or simply frozen in nothingness and many times wondering how others seem to go about their business as "all things ususal" while we are in a roller coaster existence and barely holding on to our hats.

A lot was rearranged during the past week. Things, people, situations, relationships, careers, and much else were undergoing their process of being repositioned into a very new groove. And because it was new, a grounding then took place. Foot and leg pain, a strong desire to walk and walk some more, a need to eat, and however grounding manifests for us was at the forefront. We were indeed anchoring into some very new grooves, all relevant to our new spaces and positions on a very new grid.

And then arrived the 11th, and as is almost always the case, into the new we went. Further into the makings of the new reality. Feelings of stretching out, moving about, getting out of the old, breaking free, or simply suddenly finding that things were actually flowing for a change were making themselves known. But at the same time, adjusting to a new and higher frequency came as well, and with this, our bodies may have felt the added pressure as well.

Financial situations are also at the forefront. Unusual dips and gouges in our financial affairs, leaving us even more financially stressed than before, have recently become present as well. This is simply part of the resetting of our financial pallette along with more involving the cleansing and loss of the old in preparation for the new. This time, in relation to our finances as everything is preparing now for the new.

Today, March 12th, we are still adjusting to the energies of the 11th. The frequencies have increased dramatically over the past weeks of 2014 in order that we may be able to handle them with more ease in times to come. This has been a most relentless and brutal process of late, all leading up to a more stable and secure positioning into a very new reality.

And things are changing on the outside as well. Facebook, for instance, will be taking its final fall this year, as face to face interactions will become imperative as we begin to connect to each other in a new and different way. . . . .all revolving around reverence and the heart. Many things relating to our governments will come to light and disappear as well, and the list will go on with much change coming to the forefront, all in relation to our very new positioning. We are beginning now in earnest to align with the very new reality, and at this juncture in time, the little that is left is beginning its final fall as we begin to anchor much more fully into the new.

We can never know for sure, but this writer's guess is that the equinox on March 20, with a following anchoring in date of March 22, will usher in a brilliant and wide sweeping expanse of new that will allow for great movement and all things new. This new relocation would also usher in the positive new energy that we have all been craving. I'm crossing my fingers.

My h
eart to yours,

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