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Here We Go!

Greetings and Welcome!

I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO write those words for eons of time. For forever it seems. And now it is finally time! Here we go! I cannot believe it. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go.

We are traveling though the portal now. Going through some very powerful gates. The energies are quite intense, to say the least. This is such a blessed moment I cannot believe it. There is so much love here and so, so much assistance helping us along. We are being ushered though into an entirely new reality with an entirely new existence. A very new place. And the energies are so magical here and there is so much love! So many loving beings surrounding us. A very new land. A new shore. We are actually somewhere new after so much traveling. And the light. The light is so bright here.

We are breaking free. Free from the past and free from the transitional space. This post will be short as my personal energy is quite taxed at the moment. Although the energies of this crossing are very intense, things should settle out soon. But we must also be aware that the pushing and squeezing energies may likely continue for a while. This is because the powers that be want to make doubly sure that any darkness does not creep back in. This would be like a cancer patient receiving chemotherapy after the cancer has disappeared, just to make sure that it is gone and really gone and that it gets halted in its tracks if it dares to rear its head again. Also, the new needs to really take hold and begin to take over as well. So in this, although we may have arrived somewhere very new, we will most likely continue to experience some physical discomfort for a little while longer.

Also expect accelerated psychic experiences or higher awarenesses to appear as we begin to really tap into our new homes. In addition, the floodgates will now open to all things new and we will be supported in new endeavors and new everything. There will be another massively pivotal time the latter part of April with the Grand Cross alignment followed by lunar and solar eclipses, but we have been experiencing so much already of what this energy will bring that we have been preparing. So in this, we will be ready and waiting for even more movement into a higher vibrating reality. The Grand Cross will be what really serves to anchor us in with the new and it is then that we will most likely finally shed the pushing and squeezing energies as our new will be much more firmly in place.

But for now, all this writer can say is, 'Wow!"  
These new energies are amazing. What a spectacular place. Unbelievable. After all these years with ascension. Finally. Finally. We are finally here. Wow!

My heart to yours,

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