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The Clearing

Greetings and Welcome!

LAST NIGHT I FELT AS IF a bomb had exploded beneath me, or a huge wave had washed right through me, or perhaps someone had shaken up the entire earth leaving nothing left attached. My cat spent the night howling and pacing and I woke up, with what little sleep I had, as rattled as I could be.

Because we passed through an enormous portal through the equinox, we then needed to anchor into the new. The week preceding the equinox brought in some very intense energy, leaving us feeling anything from headaches and body aches, to foggy thinking, to complete overwhelm and massive stress, to emptiness and disconnect, and even to more confusion than normal along with even more of the big squeeze. We were lining up.

Then through we went, and although some felt an amazing energy and experienced a very new reality, for many others it was business as usual with nothing unusual to report. We are positioned in layers, and also depending upon where we are situated and how we experience energy, this latest movement created differing experiences for all of us.

On March 22 the anchoring began. One moment our reality could feel like something quite new and oh so comfortable and fitting with a great exhale of peace, and then suddenly we tapped into something else altogether. A huge wave arrived, clearing the space before us, or rather whatever had been dislodged in recent weeks. All that muck needed to depart in order for our new beds to reveal themselves in their entirety. More re-arranging is coming and this was part of the anchoring in process. As we ground in for a tighter fit, a massive amount was moved to allow for this grounding and new positioning.

So then, much is now being moved to and fro, here and there, and very soon many of us will be plopped down somewhere very new in the physical reality. Our hearts have been checked, our destinations and new creations matched accordingly, and soon, we will begin to create all things new.

Arrival into the new can bring some interesting manifestations. We may suddenly crave a drawing pad and pencil with an overwhelming need to draw. We may simply have to, just have to, immerse ourselves in music or dance, or we may suddenly want to sing our hearts out. Our new expressions are attempting to come forth. And with all the intense energies of late, it can be near impossible to find enough calm and serenity to connect to them at all.

Big chunks of our old existence may suddenly begin falling off, readying to be swept away by the clearing energies. Relationships may change, creating disconnects for many and healings and unions for others. We may find ourselves with a new sense of freedom with complete release from attachments and relationships we have had our entire lifetimes. Things are indeed lining up.

And within this process, the angels are here like never before. I have never before seen so many angelic and non-physical assistance all at one time. They cannot do enough for us. This is an event of cosmic proportions and the heavens have opened up to usher in our arrival. Anyone and everyone has arrived and many have been with us for quite some time now.  

It can be challenging to see this help with so much pain and discomfort at the fore, but if we choose to focus on anything and everything that has occurred in our favor, we will come to see a landslide of support that continues to make itself known. I still practice celebrating each and every thing that goes right. This has saved my sanity on more than one occasion. From the smallest of happenings to the grander ones. And when I do, it becomes glaringly obvious that an invisible hand is orchestrating so many things around me.  

Focusing on the good and what has gone right, and seeing how protected and loved we are, can also place us more directly in the path of the new reality. The new reality is there. There is an enormous presence now with us. We just need to look in that direction. And when we do, invisible doors begin to open and we can then know where we really and truly are.

We are being guided each and every step along the way. Every last thing is being set up behind the scenes by multitudes of angels, while others are situated beneath each elbow, holding us dear and ushering us to our next steps. We can watch the synchronicities unfolding. We can pay attention to what others are telling us. We can also begin to practice asking more for ourselves, shooting for the moon, and knowing that this will be our new destiny. And the moon may be all about close and loving relationships, new people or even new work, or for many, a great reprive and rejuvenation period before we begin once again.

It is in the near future that healings will also occur. Our bodies and emotions may begin finding their way to the new reality and on this road begin to spontaneously heal. I am having some of this right now, and it is truly amazing. The new reality has a higher vibration, and in this, everything must fit and align. This is why relationships are changing and why our bodies will begin to heal in mere seconds.

Even though there has been an enormous amount of stress and pressure of late, and jumping from states of feeling wonderful to the depths of despair when we fall back into the in-between, the process is unfolding as it was intended. This is a monumental endeavor. A massive amount of energy is needed to see it through. And in this way, the ups and downs will continue on until new patterns of existence have grounded themselves more fully into our new space and become the norm, replacing the old and what has been dislodged.

We know we are close because the miracles are beginning to occur with regularity. The energies of the new are seeping through and beginning to take over. But we must watch for them and notice their presence in order to experience more. If beginning a day feeling left out, alone, disconnected and empty, and in physical pain for instance, we can say to ourselves, "I am going to turn this day around and experience something different." And by afternoon, we most always will. The change can be that easy. Keeping our focus away from the discomfort will easily navigate it to what is really and truly there. . . . which is the energy of the new reality. We may not experience the new in its totality, but we can experience enough of a change to make a difference and get us through.

My h
eart to yours,

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