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The Road Map and the Angels

Greetings and Welcome!

THERE IS MUCH OCCURRING IN the cosmos, even though it may seem otherwise. So although it appears that the same patterns are repeating themselves over and over again, there are reasons for these occurrences and things are moving along, if even at an interesting ("interesting" being the more polite and subdued adjective. . . .other unprintable words are certainly more accurate) and unpredictable pace.

Although Down Into Up 
explains the process in great detail, a brief snapshot of the process required to establish an entirely new reality may prove to be helpful at this point as things are, as ususal, taking a bit  more time than was planned. But if we can remember what a daunting and monumental task creating a new reality really is, and see things from a snapshot removed from our own personal experiences, things will make a bit more sense and hopefully allow us to hold on for at least a little longer. (More on assistance with holding on further on.) For those craving simplicty at this time, as many of us are, you may choose to skim the information below.

In 2010, a portion of the planet, or a group of individuals if you will, had reached the levels needed to cross over into a higher vibrating reality. This section of energy came to a point where it successfully lined up and literally docked onto a new world, thereby anchoring it to the new for an easy cross over. But then. . . . we only touched briefly and then fell off, tumbling away back into the cosmos and into the land of no land. The docking did not complete because not enough souls were holding a high enough vibration within themselves and did not, as was expected, do what was predicted in regard to their behavior, nor see outside of themselves and into the whole.

Yes, I have said this many, many times, but human behavior was miscalculated and because of this, the ascension plan has failed and stalled over and over again. So now, there we were hanging out in space with a foiled plan and not vibrating high enough as a whole to remotely reach the new earth or new reality on our own.

A new plan was then devised (Down Into Up describes it, as I will not go into it here), and the second phase of this new plan revolved around creating stair-steps that were intended to reach the new reality or new world. In order to make absolutely sure that we would indeed continue to hold a higher vibrating frequency all on our own, we would reach a step and were then required to hold the frequency until we could go up another step. . . .all the while existing in a continual state of cleansing and holding in place through the squeezing energies so that we would not slip back as we had done so many times before.

One step after another after another was completed, and up, up, and up we went until we finally reached the level of the very new reality on the Autumn equinox in 2013. But even though we reached a pivotal point, we still had more to do as now we needed to build a very new ladder, or hierarchy of vibrational steps within that new reality. We are indeed, creating a very new reality and several steps need to be completed and securely cemented in before the squeezing energies that are holding us in place and keeping things purified and cleansed can altogether cease. We needed to build upward on top of this very new grid.

The original plan of the new plan was for things to be complete in February of 2014. This date was set from the get-go with the new plan. So in this way, for some, there are things that have come into play at this time because it was assumed we would be all set by then. But of course, here we still are, seemingly continuing on for who knows how long now. But not really. . . . no, not really. Kindly read on.

The new plan took several precautions to ensure that we would not slip back and that things would not play out as they had played out in 2010 and the years prior (oh, the many failures due to too much ego present and the exceptional need for control!). Along with continual squeezing and cleansing energies as a precautionary measure, human beings have been highly encouraged to come together in a new unity, thereby reinforcing the new grid through the energies present within us.

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.
----  Matthew 18:20

This was attempted before, notably around 2009 in preparation to strengthen and bond the new grid, but not enough souls were ready and thus, this did not happen as planned. As many of you probably remember as well, a split was also attempted (I remember writing that we must still wait, and I lost a lot of readers because of it, but the split was implemented nonetheless and it failed as well). 

Nonetheless, bonding together is still vitally important if we are going to sustain a new reality all on our own. Because of this, we have been repeatedly encouraged to come together with others, and especially with family, as family comprises a bond that has a stronger possibility of unconditional acceptance and long-standing durability. 

So now here we are, finally at the tail end but with an end that is still seemingly continuing to elude us. This brief delay, and in the big scheme of things, it is extremely brief, is all about strengthening the new grid and avoiding any possibility of failure. We would not want, nor would most of us be able, to start the process all over again. It would not be possible, at least for this writer.

On the first night of my trip from California to North Carolina, I had a dream. Bascially, the dream revealed that further tweaking and experimenting was being implemented within each of the steps or rungs of the new reality, before the final release. This meant that "a few more weeks" would be added to the process (I had the dream on February 21st). I was not a happy camper, believe me. So although we are basically ready, some things are being tested and tried for the simple fact that we are basically ready. It is evidently a part of the process that can only occur during this time and was as well, a last minute decision.

Since then, we have had a substantial over-all cleanse via rain, as well as some tune-ups involving the acceptance of much higher vibrating energies. If our bodies had not had quite enough, here we
are now going through more. Because of this added and expanded time-line, we are also being supported more than ever before by our heavenly angels as most of us could literally, take no more, on top of already having arrivied at states of utter despair and futility. Never have I experienced more love, miracles, divine intervention, and unusual support than in these past few weeks and days. The angels have such immense compassion for us, that they are doing everything and anything remotely possible to ensure that we are as comfortable as we can possibly be. They are as well, guiding and nudging us along, keeping us on track, and giving us hope. We are surrounded on all sides by these loving beings as their greatest desire is to serve us in all ways possible. Personally, I do not know if I could have lasted much longer without them.

There is nothing that you cannot do.
----   A Course in Miracles

The reason that many of us are due to receive windfalls, is not because we are materialistic and craving what money can bring. It is because through no fault of our own, whether due to acute physical bodily restrictions created by the ascension energies or by continuous and severe blocks, we have been unable to earn a living. The windfalls are arriving to support us so that we may start anew with ease and fulfill our next divine purpose.

So then, our bodies are still taking a pounding, and now more than ever before. But at the same time, we are touching the world of the new and can literally feel it if we choose to open our minds and hearts. Just within the past few weeks, I have continued to grow and expand, and I certainly needed to. I had many changes to make within myself and still have more to go. Would I go through this process in its entirety again? No, I would not.

As we continue to near the finish line, we may find that we are suddenly tending to our vehicles (our automobiles, as they represent our bodies in form). We may be passing inspections, having work done, washing them, having them checked out, or simply filling our gas tanks (yesterday, the 3rd, was an especially pivotal day for this and a magical one as well). We are preparing to move ahead. Getting ourselves ready. Getting inspected and prepared.

Today was a day of rest and reprieve. A day for detaching and perhaps feeling as if we are nowhere at all and do not really care anyway. Don't want to be bothered. Just plain blah. But whatever our states of being, we are waiting at the gate. Finally ready. Really ready. And the angels have arrived to usher us through.

When we are nothing, we are in a fine position to receive everything from God.
---   Richard Rohr

My h
eart to yours,

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