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Greetings and Welcome!

WE HAVE BEEN IN A SEEMINGLY endless state of cleansing of late in preparation for the big release, but last night packed one of the biggest wallops we have yet to have experienced. Just when we may think that we are adjusting and getting better. . . . our strength comes back. . . .. we begin to feel closer to human again. . . . and then.......Ouch! In roars a huge wave of energy which nearly knocks our socks off, even though many of us have been sockless for quite some time!

We are being prepared for the energies of the new reality. The powers that be are making doubly sure that we will be able to handle the higher frequencies and making sure that we are cleansed and purified enough as well. Higher vibrating frequencies and cleansings as we know, go hand in hand. "I cannot believe I have the flu again! I was just getting better!" "I feel like crap. . . . again." Sinus distress, headaches, body aches, nausea, intestinal distress, chest tightness, coughing, weakness, exhaustion, anxiety and depression, unstable and rocky sleep patterns, and back pain are the most common symptoms and manifestations of being in the path of higher vibrating frequencies.

One sure sign that we are moving somewhere very new is the old waking up in the night pattern with an inability to go back to sleep, or for some "seasoned" travelers, an inability to fall asleep at all. This insomnia always, but always occurs when we are crossing over to somewhere very new. When we crossed from January to February, one of the biggest crossings yet, I did not sleep for four nights straight. But once we landed, it was zzzzzzzz's once again.

Things have also been tumultuous of late. . . . rocky and unstable. Like a jet liner making a landing, we are dipping and weaving, moving up and down attempting to gain some kind of stability, and simply trying to stay as steady as possible. Accomodating these intense energies that are attempting to assist us with our landing can leave us feeling overwhelmed. Anything remotely complicated is simply too much to handle, leaving a need (and an imperative need at that), for simplicity and all things light.

"I am continually starving!" "I feel like someone blew me up like a ballon. So bloated!" "I have been so shaky of late, and my legs are like rubber." "All I want to do is sleep and I cannot seem to wake up." "I cannot breathe!" Oh, the laments of a new birth!

The void and the emptiness are still with us as well. With so much having been cleared out, even though some of us are now newly and more firmly attached to other souls, we still, yes STILL, have nowhere yet to go. Cannot really begin anything new. Are continually blocked from starting anything. . . .even things that are still very temporary . . . . .the gate has slammed shut, so it seems.

Because we are in a state of intense and severe movement at the moment, if even is steady chunks of energy exchange, we cannot go anywhere at all because in no time at all, this new space would be defunct. While we are sitting on top of our suitcases at the doorstep of what is left of our homes, waiting for the taxi to arrive, it would not make sense (or so the universe feels) to go back in the house and start a new project. . . or simply make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We are indeed very ready at the gate at this moment in time and the universe is telling us so.

"Things are going to be soooo different very soon. You just would not believe how wonderful things will be! If you start that thing now, you would be missing out on something that is so much better. And maybe, just maybe, you will not even want to do it at all when you see what's coming." Yes, the universe is telling us in its own special way.

So bobbing and weaving we go, navigating as best we can during these final moments, and for most of us, simply hoping we can hang on until the actual birth.

My h
eart to yours,

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