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Double Whammy

Greetings and Welcome!

"THE WORST PART OF IT is that I can't tell anyone. I mean, I'm hobbling along in this pain and can barely brush my teeth. My family wants to know what is wrong, but they are in no way open to "ascension symptoms." What am I supposed to tell them. . . .that it's the energies?" 

"My best friend had to go to the ER this week-end! She kept passing out. It was so scary. The doctor said she had a weird virus."

"Every time we get a big wave of energy, my mother runs to the bathroom several times a day. I tried to tell her not to worry, and that it is just ascension and will pass, but she insists it is her medication acting up."

"My brother is having horrendous back pain. His back has not acted up for a zillion years. Then it suddenly vanishes and then it suddenly re-appears. He knows all about the ascension but insists it has nothing to do with his back. After all, he needs to be in charge."

"I have been so tired that I can literally sleep sitting up. It reminds me of when I was in labor and literally fell asleep during the pains. If I even try to meditate, it immediately turns to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz."

"I feel so overwhelmed anymore. Too much of anything puts me in a panic and I start to freak out. I just feel so overloaded!"

"My brain is gone. I feel as if I have been completely erased. I cannot think. Just one big blank. One day I am jabbering away and the next day I literally cannot even speak. And the worst part is, I don't even know who I am anymore!  Everything inside my head is one big blank!"

"I have been so stressed that I can't even remember what I did a moment before. And I am doing the strangest things. I was just looking for my bath towel and my daughter swears she just saw me pick it up and put it in my briefcase. Well, I don't believe it. I mean, why would I do that?"

"I am so bone tired and emotionally weary that I just don't care about anything anymore. Trying to think of something to do to cheer me up only brings a 'No thanks. Can't do it' as I cannot imagine having the energy to attempt the usual normal. It's hard to barely drum up a thought. I cannot go that deep right now. I don't remember ever being this tired for so long. All I can seem to do is rest, rest, rest."

"My joints are killing me! And they are so stiff! I feel like Gumby trying to move my limbs. And I am so-o-o-o-o-o exhausted."

"That pushing energy is getting rediculous. Now it feels like a giant hand is pushing me into the ground with its heel. Grinding me so far down I can barely move. And I can barely breathe! Someone upstairs has grossly miscalculated things!"

"I cannot sleep! I go to bed same as always and then. . . .I just lay there. Forever! Hovering and never letting down. Then as soon as the sun comes up, I start to fall asleep! Go figure. Not sleeping on top of everything else is just too much!"

"My nerve endings are pinched. Everywhere! Owwwwwwwwwwwwch! My body is just plain stuck. Locked up. Ugh!"

"My body is buzzing. This weird vibating sensation has taken over my insides. And when it is not doing that, my ears are ringing! I feel like a tuning fork!"

"I keep having these weird panic attacks. I get totally overwhelmed by these invisible energies and my body just freaks. And now I am anxious all the time. I never know what is going to happen next! Lordie!"

"I have been feeling this strange burning sensation on my skin. And especially my feet. My skin feels like it is being stretched about as far as it can go!"

"For some reason, I do not know what it is or why, I just feel plain weird. I cannot explain it."

Well, okay. Ascension has cranked up, that is for sure. Because not only are we experiencing the ususal increase in vibrational frequency as we move along, but we are also beginning to feel the effects of the Grand Cross alignment due to arrive on April 20.

I can remember the Grand Cross of May 5, 2000. We were all so excited for it to come, as we believed it would usher in the new world. Instead, we felt totally squished and squeezed. It reminded me of a spine with a perfect line and anything that did not fit within it was pushed out. An emptiness. A blankness. A speechlessness.

We have been in preparation for this kind of alignment for quite some time now. Squeezing and squishing we go, pushing out and cleansing anything that will not belong in a higher dimensional existence. For some, the pounding energies from above have reached their very internal states as their layers are less dense and numerous. For these souls, the process has been indescribably challening as it continues to go deeper and deeper, peeling away until only the core of their being is left. And for others, they may feel a mere exhaustion and fatigue with occasional episodes that do not last long. Those on this path for awhile may have felt this process beginning a few years ago, and others may be feeling it now only in recent months.

Whatever the case, the new reality is beckoning ever near, and in this way, more are feeling it than ever before. All of us on the planet will experience the Grand Cross. It is a portal that we will all have to go through. Each and every soul currently residing on the earth will move through it as it heralds a very new beginning. And currently, we are bee-lining straight for this opening like a rocket just launched as we move ahead at warp speed, the energies flying us along to the destination of the Grand Cross.

When creating any reality, a grid needs to be formed to hold it. And whatever resides within the reality needs to reside then, within the grid. In this way, we have been building and creating the grid more intensely than ever in recent months. Lower and denser vibrations reside on the lower end, or lower rungs of existence and the higher vibrating rungs rest upon them. The lower rungs are greatly needed to support the higher rungs.

This stage is basically complete. In this way, those residing on the lower rungs are now more prepared and many know and have lined up what they will soon be doing in the new reality. Much is occurring for them as they are basically ready and complete. This is all rightfully so. But even so, they are still experiencing the energies now present as everyone and everything on the planet is experiencing these energies across the board.

The higher rungs have begun to move into place more securely in recent days and weeks, but are still not completely anchored in in all ways. In this way, those souls who will occupy these rungs may see others having much occurring for them and wonder why they have been left out. They have not. It is simply not yet time. Their new spaces have not yet opened all the way, even though they are moving upward in slow and steady increments. In recent days, these souls have passed by the old (or their current temorary homes) on their way upward, but are still not at their final destinations. In this way, there is a lot occurring at once. The souls occupying the higher rungs will require much more in regard to things of a higher order, so in this way, there is currently not much around for them to connect to. These souls will crave God at their core, and it is the energy of love and God that these souls will connect to. When they finally arrive at their new destinations, they will then turn and embrace those residing on the lower rungs and introduce them to God and love as they have now come to know it. The new purpose of these souls then, will be to bring God and love to the planet by way of their own unique gifts and talents. This will be their new role in the new Heaven on Earth. 

In dealing with the newly ramped up energies, relaxation and non-resistance are key when assimilating these energies. The more we accept them and allow them to do what they need to do, the easier our ride will be. As the energy of love begins to more fully permeate our existence, it is this love that can greatly assist with these energies as well. And because the energy of love is now becoming the air we breathe more than ever before, utilizing it can bring great benefits.

Loving anything can turn and diffuse a situation in a near instant. The more we resist, the more whatever we do not want will persist. Nothing new here. It can be highly challenging to turn to love when we have been so grossly uncomfortable for so long. Many of us are weary, in pain, and can simply take no more. If we can turn to love and surround whatever it is with love, this alone can place our situation in alignment with the energy of the new. And because we are so very close now, the energy of love is more accessible than ever before.

As our minds become empty, and our false selves go off the rails, and our old foundations crumble and fall, we will find that our new connections and foundations will now be all about God. And it will be those residing on the higher rungs who will assist with this new connection, as they will already be there themselves.

When I am weak, then I am strong.
------     2 Corinthians 12:10

God is already upholding us. We are feeling this now and can see it if we choose to feel gratitude and all that has gone our way in loving support from above. We are always right where we need to be. And when it is time to be somewhere else, we will be shown the way with loving arms, amazing open doors, and our new spaces will be revealed to us in all their glory. In the meantime, diffusing as much as we can with the energy of love will see us through. And connecting to each other, heart to heart, will serve to strengthen and sustain the very new grid.

My h
eart to yours,

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