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Passing Through

Greetings and Welcome!

AS WE PASS THROUGH the event of the lunar eclipse, any feelings of worthiness, deservability, and self worth are quickly rising to the surface for release. This phase was vitally important in preparation for the next phase which will serve to usher us into a brand new space. . . . a new space that is more fresh and clear than anything we have known thus far.

These recent energies can make us feel just plain weird. Or at least significantly stranger than we have felt before on this journey of ascension. We are releasing anything that no longer fits. And in this we are being asked to really get real. What are we holding onto and why? Are we truly following our hearts even though what we desire may not make sense nor be remotely feasible? Are we brave enough to let go of our old roles and the security they may bring? Why are we doing what we are doing? Can we continue to do it?

The energies of the past several months have made things abundantly clear that it is time to take care of ourselves and place ourselves first above all else. To tend to our own personal needs and allow the needs of others to fall to others. Their paths are not ours and they do not need help from us. At times this can seemingly pose a bit of a challenge, especially if we have elderly parents who are attempting to reel us in for their own support. But the ascension process is asking us to break free. We need to be free and clear in order to actually ascend. Our loved ones and those in need will be perfectly fine. The more free we are, the easier this transition will be. This is the way it was intended. It is okay.

Because we are nearing this very new space, issues of deservability and self-worth are also at the fore-front as we are entering a life of our dreams, or rather what our hearts are dictating for us. Is a small voice telling you, "No, you don't get to be happy. You don't get to have the good stuff. You must struggle along and clean up the muck of the planet and of others and stay behind. Anything about YOU is not allowed. The planet comes first and you come last"? Or perhaps, "Ha! Ha! Ha! You think you deserve anything? What makes you so special?"

Our old roles of ascension involved transmuting energies of the planet through ourselves or through healing others (and ourselves) in order to bring up the vibration of the whole. We were one big clean up crew for a very long time. Now that is all about to change. And in this, it can be difficult to suddenly let go of what we have known ourselves to be thus far. Or maybe we let this go awhile ago and have since been sitting in the transitional space for so long that we have forgotten the new plot. Or perhaps we have continued with the old space as there was nothing left to do during this time. Or even that the darkness always becomes frightened when we move on and mocks us, disrespects us, and attempts to hold onto us for fear we will move on (not knowing that we will return for it as soon as we get settled). Whatever the case, it is now time for us. We can now follow our hearts and place ourselves first and soon begin to actually manifest something for a change. We need to reach this new space of a very new reality first before we can settle in and then go back and help others along. We need then, to completely let go at this time.

We are also beginning to tap into much higher vibrating energies as well. If we choose, we can see that we, of course, make absolutely everything up. The world surrounding us is part of this dream or of what we are carrying inside. In
Heartthis way, it can really help this intense process now before us if we declare that we will experience it with ease and delight. We can declare that it will not get the better of us. We can declare that anything our bodies may experience may pass through with ease and allow us to focus on something much better that is on the very near horizon.

Up until now, we have been in a very lengthy transition. Very lengthy. We have been in the in-between and for many of us, anythi
ng we attempted to manifest or create for ourselves would either simply be blocked, not stick, or we would connect to things of the old that were not remotely a good fit. Now. . . . . we can begin to connect to and imagine what it is that truly fits us in all ways, even if it does not make sense or feel probable or practical.

I remember a time back in 2002 when we were also at a tipping point and some of us were beginning an entrance into a much higher vibrating space. I had been using a lot of EFT by that point which greatly assisted me with the ascension process (a technique of body tapping that releases blockages). One day I began a session with myself and immediately heard, "No! Do not do that anymore! Do not focus on what needs to be healed and shifted. Now, focus only on what you desire, as focusing on what needs healing will only bring more of that for you."  That was the end of my healing. From then on, I was able to move forward into the space of a
n amazing new energy. For many of us, this is where we are now.

With the pushing and squeezing energies placing us in states of continual muck, it can be challenging to even see anythsafetying beyond the sludge as that is what continually surrounds us. We are now being asked to see beyond that, and to tap into what our hearts desire and to who and what we truly believe we are all about. So in this, our personal worth and deservability are being called to task. After being pushed down, spit on, treated badly by the darkness, and much else during these final phases of ascension, self-worth has been more challenging to maintain than ever before. But the more we can grab onto the new and really see it and believe it, the better we will feel and the easier our transition will be.

No matter how things pan out for us during the next few days of this event of enormous impact, for many of us, we are going to feel just plain weird. From feelings of panic, to fear, to loss of our sense of place and normalcy, to great movement or even great joy, we may simply feel a great upset and just plain weird with feelings we have never experienced before and that are difficult to define. Nothing may make sense and everything may make sense. And yet for some who have gone before some of us and who are comprising the lower rungs of this new ladder of reality, and are much more intact at this point, these souls may be experiencing rapid manifestations relating to their new and more intact positions.

No matter w
here we are, if we can simply let go and accept that everything is precisely where it needs to be and go with the flow with an expectancy of all good things to come and an easy ride, that is all we need really do and be. Or maybe not even that. As the Course in Miracles reminds us, we can simply feel peace with everything if peacewe so choose.

This phase of the ascension process is going to occur for absolutely all of us no matter what we do or how we feel. So as always, if anything, the more we let go and accept, and the more we choose peace, the easier this transition will be. 

My heart to yours,

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