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The Other Side

Greetings and Welcome!

AS WE NEAR THE COMPLETION of the Cardinal Grand Cross planetary alignment, it is now that we can look forward to something very new. We are entering a very new phase and this phase, or rather new sort of reality, creates different scenarios and purposes for many of us.

To Recap:  2012 heralded the end of the old world, but in order to create a very new world (or reality) we had to go through massive cleansings as part of our entry into the process of creating a very new grid. Because we were unsuccessful in our attempt at crossing over onto a new higher vibrating grid as part of the whole in 2010 (and then we would welcome others across as they became ready), this time it was decided that we would take the entire planet onto a new grid as a whole. In order to create this new grid which would vibrate much higher, we created a gateway and temporary road to get there, one stair step at a time. We would increase the vibration, cleanse to match it, then move up onto a very new step. So then, for all of 2012 we were cleansing like mad just in order to get to the place where we could reach the first step! This was the process of the end of the old. . . . . massive cleansings as a preparation for the stairway.

For most of 2013, we were climbing the stair steps as they were continually created. This went on for quite some time (Down Into Up explains this entire process in great detail). Because we were continually residing on temporary stair steps that were quite small (and temporary!), we were basically prohibited from creating anything new. This would only hinder the process of our continual climb. Eventually we reached a leveling out point, or rather a new space (the fall eqinox of 2013), and from there we began to build up, but this time on a very new foundation that vibrated much higher.

For 2014 thus far, we have mostly been strengthening and anchoring into our new spaces on the hierarchy as we were all being put into place. In this regard, new hierarchies were formed which involved layers of vibrational frequency that would then exist one upon another. It was vitally important that the lower rungs be put into place very firmly as these are imperative to hold up the whole. This is what did not occur by 2010 (only a few were holding the frequency of the higher rungs and there was nothing below them as those residing below were not holding their own frequency, but were taking the energy and frequency from the higher rungs). Because of this, those residing on the lower rungs were given many new opportunities and great supports in order to ensure that they would be solid and self-sufficient this time. For those who had been on the higher vibrating rungs for quite some time, these souls were required to sit on the sidelines to give others a chance, and in addition, these souls would then be the last to fully connect to the new.

During 2013 and 2014, everyone experienced any cleansings or alignments which occurred on a regular basis. No one was excused. We experienced each new tweak as a whole. With the advent of the spring equinox in March of 2014, all of us went through a new portal and into a more wide expanse of grid and reality. But then we immediately began to prepare for the push-through created by the Cardinal Grand Cross as it was now time. Even more squeezing, pressure and intense energies were present. The most intense yet.

Now we are just leaving the portal of the Grand Cross. This event was, of course, of great magnitude and served to herald a brand new beginning for the whole, as the new grid is now basically in place. Everyone went through it. This cross-through began with a lunar eclipse on April 15th which served to give us the opportunity to examine our shadow sides and to release what would not be needed nor in alignment with what was on the other side (which is basically love, unity, and all things we would imagine a higher vibrating reality to be). Then as we crossed through, we were given the opportunity to drop or let go of anything that no longer served us. Anything that we were holding onto could now depart as we were at the ready to enter a new threshhold. After the releasing period, we were then more poised for the new to arrive.

In a nutshell, here is what is occurring right now:

We have had to let go of basically anything imaginable in order to be free and clear to tap into something very new and different. (Almost all of us have taken on the energies and "issues" of others during this current lifetime. We did this in order to bring up the vibration of the whole. We were born into this lifetime free and clear (most of us are very old souls and have been at this for a very long time) and we are now being asked to be free and clear once again. So then, for several months now, it has been time for us to give these energies back to whomever they belong to. The time is up. We need not clear them then from ourselves, but we simply need to give them back with gratitude and love.)

For some, being free and clear meant leaving an old groove and getting ready to arrive in a new one. For others, they have been so ready for so long, that they literally have nothing left. . .. .not even a physical home to call their own. We now need to connect to something very different, and this something is God (some simply prefer to call this new connection love). We will now be connecting to something once again. . . .our states of limbo or that great emptiness many of us have experienced for so long will now be filled with the presence of God. So then, we let go of much, we left the old reality and were in limbo or the in-between while the new grid was being put into place, and now. . . . we are at the ready to plug in once again. . .. into the energy of this next reality, this next experience, this next life, and this next everything which has a very distinct earmark of having God at the center of it all. And this earmark is a very conscious one. Love and God will be heralded and widely accepted and openly acknowledged. It is what will be preferred and accepted, what will make everything viable and doable, and what will bring us all into alignment with great joy. God will be what is our God and what everything is about!

As we begin to connect more fully (and this phase still has a solar eclipse due to arrive on April 28th which will assist in heralding a very new beginning), we will begin to become stronger as well. Bouts of extreme anger, periods of edginess and shortness of temper, frustrations, feelings of being held back and boxed in with a strong desire to break out, strong long-standing feelings of "what about me?" for older souls and the like are typical experiences of late, along with an intense feeling of just plain weird with no logical explanation. So all that love may not be as present as we might expect quite yet, even though great joy,  happiness, and new unity are peeking through and making themselves known.

Even though we have had to let go of so much and sever ties with some, while finding ourselves in new grooves, in many cases we will return to the same once again, but we will return differently. Our relationships with whomever and whatever will be different now as they will have love and God at their core as we will now be connected to a very new reality and in this, our new lives and connections will be reborn in a very new way as we resume living once again. This has been one very long death process but a necessary one!

Jesus said, "Unless the grain of wheat dies, it remains just a grain of wheat."
  ----   John 12:14

For many of us, our new purpose will be similar to what we have always known ourselves to be about, but will now have a new predominant theme or core which will involve connecting to God as this is where we are now residing. And for others, an entirely new space much higher up on the hierarchy will bring in all things new.

Many of us are just plain exhausted at this point. We have had to die again and again in order to be reborn once again and the longer we have been at it, following along with the process, the more weary we have become. The ascension process is continually tweaked according to how the souls of the planet are responding. And in this, it can become more than a bit lengthy and tedious, which would be a massive understatement for many at this point.

 "Peter, you must be ground like wheat. Once you have recovered,
 then you can turn and help
the brothers," (Luke 22:31-32) Jesus says to Peter.   

A rejuvenation period is called for here. The more we connect to our new spaces, to what now brings us joy, to what makes us feel good no matter if it does not make sense, then the more we will be in alignment with the new. Many of us are ready for a time of rest and recuperation. If we can continue to relax with the process and allow it to take us where we need to go, releasing any oars or at best an attempt at rowing a boat which has none, and allow this new presence of God to begin to fill us, our journey will be a smoother one.

We do not find our own center. It finds us.
Our own mind will not be able to figure it out.
---    Richard Rohr

Things should now begin to get a bit easier. The worst is behind us. We have completed the phase of creating the new grid, we are now placed upon it, as a whole we have passed through a massive planetary alignment designed to assist in heralding in a new reality, and now. . . . .as we begin to connect more fully we will also begin the strengthen as we will no longer be residing in the land of the in-between. In this we can exhale, if even just a bit.

My h
eart to yours,

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