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At the Ready

Greetings and Welcome!

ON THIS DAY, WE ARE poised en masse in a waiting zone. The energies are null and void; we are at the still. Like a vehicle full to the brim with souls of the earth, the vehicle has pushed in the clutch, creating a still or drop, as it readies to shift gears and move forward once again.

In this way, there is currently no movement at all, even though we were moving ever so quietly and slowly, along with much in the background, in all the weeks prior. This stillness is a new stillness. A very new pause in the process. We have experienced the solar eclipse, where the sun was blocked creating an uber bad and crabby day for many, and now. . . . .we are sitting in the stillness of a very new space of waiting.

For many, this time heralds a pre-planned exit point. A point where we are given the choice to depart altogether through physical death or stay and move ahead into something very new. Not uncommon. And always, for many as well, we are still being blocked from moving ahead too soon, as our very new beds are awaiting us in this very new space. Too late for any side doors at this point or even new temporary fixes to occupy ourselves as we might have done while we waited endlessly in recent times past. At this point in time, the side doors are closed. During this stillness, much will suddenly leave us. We may feel more present in the moment than ever before, we may feel a need for sleeping the day away, or even feel the final ending of the old. 

For those who have been ready and waiting for a very long time, and because we are at the very end of the old space, these souls may have found themselves dumped upon by the sewage of others in recent days and weeks. Stuck in a space where much is now being piled upon them as there is nowhere yet to go. Feeling unusually stuck and still during this latest process involving the Grand Cross Alignment was a common experience for many.

But the clutch has been pushed in. The process has been started. We are at the end of an era, the end of the old, a very long cycle has been completed, and soon we will fly ahead at warp speed into the land of the new. How this next stage will unfold this writer does not know. It may stall and start or sputter and fall. But at this moment, and on this day, it looks like full speed ahead, hold onto our hats, and away we will go.

Arriving in new space after so much transitioning will herald a brand new experience. We will basically be placed upon a new palette ripe for our creations. A place to blossom and grow, to create what we need at this juncture in our process, to spread out and make a new home. So although we will experience something very new, a much more complete anchoring in will not occur until June of 2014. We have successfully created the grid and holding space for a very new reality and this is a monumental process in itself. This writer is greatly looking forward to and joyfully curious about what is yet to come.

My h
eart to yours,

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