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The Arrival of the Heart Energy

Greetings and Welcome!

. . . .AND WITH IT CAME the feelings of hope. April 1st arrived with a bang. The energies of the heart came barreling in, filling the empty spots in our oh so empty selves and bringing with it sudden feelings of great gratitude and love for anything and everything around us. This energy targeted our hearts, so in this way, this area of our bodies was most afffected. Upper back pain, along with chest discomfort could be felt as well. And still, this final stage at the end of a great birthing requires much sleep and rest just like any normal labor. A massive labor pain, then exhaustion. Sleep, then excitement.

Intense would probably be an understatement for this newly arriving energy, but intense has been the norm for the past few months anyway. How could things possibly get more intense? Well, they have. Body aches and pains, jittery nerves and shakiness, difficulty breathing, belching, feelings of anxiety and a racing heart, and whatever else unique to each of us arrived along with this new energy.

At the same time, the earthquake activity intensified as well. When the earth is opening to receive new light in readingess for a higher vibration, she opens and allows, resulting in deep and extreme quake activity that allows for this adjustment.

For many of us, we are on differing timelines with our experiences in regard to ascension. Some may feel some things at one time and others at another. There are also times when we feel things in unison. On 4.4.2014, we experienced the grounding of this energy. A tremendous amount of pushing and pressure could be felt, making some of us wonder if a human body was meant to ever survive this kind of pressure. But thank goodness it only lasted for a day.

So then, a much higher vibrating energy of the heart arrived along with the advent of April, we felt it along with gratitude and great love (even though we may have felt as though our insides were buzzing, quivering and shaking, or perhaps that we had overdone the chocolate!), and then this energy was grounded and stabilized through intense pressure and pushing, along with some intense earthquake activity. Phew!

But there is more! The goodness is beginning to arrive. As we begin to gain footing, or much more of a foothold as we are making so much progress in regard to shifting into a planet of the heart, this light is beginning to take hold. . . . and really hold. New doors are beginning to open. Solutions are beginning to arrive. Things are beginning to come to us. Unity is beginning to make itself known. And in this, hope is beginning to peek through the darkness and whisper in our ears. Could it be? Is this nightmare for some of us finally nearing an end? Or will we tumble back once again into the crevass of the in-between, as we watch the arrival of the new slip away and out of our grasp one more time.  

Somewhere in there we know. Something in us is aware that something is about to occur if we choose to stay in surrender and allow it to happen. In my Centering Prayer group a few days ago, we were "coincidentally" discussing John 20:17 when Jesus says to Mary:

Jesus said to her, "Stop clinging to Me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father; but go to My brethren and say to them, 'I ascend to My Father and your Father, and My God and your God.'"

This is where we are now. This is a profoundly magical time when we are about to burst into a completely different reality. A time for rebirth is at hand. This is why we have had to let go of the oars and allow the angels to take us through (see the post for April 1 for more details). This is why we needed to be free and clear of so much. This is why so much had to end and why we had to be stripped bare. This is why we need to really let go now and simply allow the process to unfold.
When we lose our foundation and ground, and experience God holding us, it is then that we know we are ready for this crossing. So even though we may be experiencing a new unity or find that new doors are opening, we can also know that these are glimmerings of things to come. They are making themselves known because we are so very close.

Within the intense energy that has recently arrived, many of us are feeling a strange new hope. A happiness. A new lightness of heart. And for good reason. April will be a month where all we can do is hold onto our hats. With a total lunar eclipse on April 15, the earth's shadow will be darkening a full moon and give us the opportunity to look into the shadows. A final release. The Grand Cross alignment beginning on April 20th and commensing on April 23rd, will serve to really push us through into something very, very new. No turning back. This is it. Prepare for great change. (Easter Sunday, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and also miraculously occurring on April 20th will serve to place many in the energy of this massive push-through into the new. Although Christianity is certainly not the only spiritual platform, it will assist nonetheless.) After this four day process is complete, on April 28th we will experience a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses also herald a very new beginning. So in all of this, we are receiving a tremendous amount of assistance, not only though the angels who are literally taking us where we need to go, but through the loving and supportive energy of the cosmos. Everything is involved with this plan and striving to make sure it is a complete success. There is so much love present with this event, it is mind boggling.

We have so much help now, so much love surrounding us, and so much support for this re-birth if even at times only in the unseen world, that all we need really do is surrender to the process and let it take us where we need to go. . . . while we hold onto our hats in between much needed naps! 

My h
eart to yours,

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