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52 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening and. . .

                      Time To  Let Go andMove On!

There is an article called The 52 Symtpoms of Spiritual Awakening that has been widely circulated on the Internet for quite some time with continued postings in recent days. My name is listed as the author alone (with no url or book reference attached). I did not write this article.

So why the big issue? I have my own writing style with my own information that is specific to me. It is quite unnerving to see one's name on something that does not ring true to my own personality or personal energy. I have done some research in an attempt to locate the rightful author and it appears that the original article from 2009 states "author unknown." In this regard, I can understand the confusion and do appreciate that someone evidently assumed it was me, but I nonetheless wish to post a disclaimer here on my own website. This is not a writing of mine and it does not reflect any ascension information originating from me. It is not my voice nor my energy.

I greatly hope that in times to come, people will do their homework and at least ask for permission from an author before they post lengthy articles bearing his/her name. This would have stopped the freight train in its tracks at the get go. And I also find it truly amazing that so many took the liberties of posting this article with no reference url or book reference at least attached, not withstanding any permissions allowed by the author. At this point, this article has been posted incorrectly in so many places that cleaning this up would be a massive undertaking.  

Some may say that this is common for life on the Internet, but this writer says, "this is so, so, sad for the planet."  The Internet does indeed have many, many benefits, but it does as well have lots of misinformation and near effortless ways of "taking," abusing, and sharing.

So for now, as I move into very new territory with my work (I had hoped to move on clean and clear but I am moving on nonetheless, and now at least with a bit of a smile at the humor of it all), I would like my readers to know that the best source of my writing and information that actually and truly comes from and through me is via my books (all available through Amazon and most on-line retailers as well as at Booklocker) and here on the gamabooks website.

Until next time, my heart to yours,

(Kindly note that e-mail notifications for new posts were discontinued some time ago. Still active, the Gama Books e-list is currently being utilized for announcements of any new books, new offerings, or important news from Gama Books and/or Karen Bishop.)

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