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Some Clarity

Hello Readers!

Here I am posting again! Since going off the air so to speak, I have received many correspondences from my readers. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to write. Your hearts are open and the caring has been heartfelt by this writer. In that I am grateful.

I am writing this latest post to clarify what appears to be a misunderstanding by the far, far majority of those who have written. I did not stop writing ascension posts because of any darkness, disrespect from my readers, nor sadness about what occurs out on the Internet. I discontinued the ascension posts because it was simply time. I apologize if that was not made clear via the last posts.

As I stated, I never revealed what prompted me to abruptly quit in 2010, and felt that since I was moving on again, I wanted to clear the air about the occurrences during that time so I could move on with a clean slate. In addition and more importantly, I wanted to explain these occurrences so that my readers would know why the ascension process had changed and how this all fit in. In that regard, this explanation involved the whole, not just me. It was in no way personal, although the occurrences relating to my father (as I clearly stated) affected me in a much more personal way.

The ascension process changed due to the occurrences in 2010, and this is what I was attempting to get across to my readers. Because of the 2010 occurrences, the plan has changed enormously in an attempt to avoid any duplication, and this is what I was attempting to explain. It was not about me personally. The change is in direct relation to human to human and heart to heart connections. We must maintain these, and we must be able to sustain ourselves before the more unpleasant energies of ascension begin to lift and lighten up. (Offering condolences in direct contact with the recipient, in lieu of simply "sending energy" or not wanting to bother another, is just one example of what is needed now and always has been in regard to strengthening these new heart to heart connections.)

Yes, it is sad that these unpleasant things on the Internet occur from so called individuals of the light, but these souls are simply lost (in due time we will turn and bring them home). And yes, it is indeed sad that these things are still occurring after all this time and after so many intense changes and recent challenges in regard to ascension. This is indeed, still heartbreaking.

But here is where we are now, and this space is very much a part of the new plan: We are focusing on human to human connections in order to strengthen the new grid. Religious preferences, spiritual preferences, and like-minded spiritual groups are in the process of dissolving as it is about the heart and the heart exists anywhere. In this regard, metaphysical groups (or the New Age community, or Lightworkers if you prefer), will soon begin to dissolve as well.

I have known for quite some time that I will be writing for and gearing my work towards a much more "mainstream" audience. Stopping my posts now was part of that process. We are being encouraged now to get off the computer and Internet, slow down and simplify, and begin to focus on heart to heart and in-person relationships in the physical world. This is because the old grid was the Internet and the new grid will exist in the physical reality. Yes, the Internet is still valuable and I, for one, will continue to utilize it for my new offerings, but the focus and shift will soon be moving into the physical reality.

In addition, I am taking this time to connect more fully to my new. Part of the process involves strengthening our cores and allowing what is within us (what is actually left!) to come out. This is what I am doing at this time and why it was important for me to disconnect from my old so that I could more fully connect to my new.

Any lost souls who have disrespected my work have not scared me off. This is not what happened.  Everything in divine order, the new awareness of this behavior continuing simply supported me in my departure at this time, even though I had hoped to depart with a clean slate. Although again, disappointed that these things are still occurring (as this has been a very lengthy process for the fore-runners), everything was right where it needed to be. In regard to where we are in the ascension process, my departure now was part of the plan. 
Again, it was simply time to depart and prepare for the new as we have made that much progress.

In regard to ascension, we are still moving ahead as a whole. We experienced a massive cleansing around the week-end of May 17th, and this cleared out even more in readiness for our new. And at the same time, this writer moved into more permanent housing of my very own, again, all in readiness for the strengthening of my new.
There is indeed a gross lack of reverence on the planet at this time, and even though the group of souls who are ready with hearts open is still small, the heart energy will spead in times to come and begin to take over as we are now on more fertile ground on a very new grid. So we are right on track as we continue to move ahead.

I hope this post will clarify my reasons for this latest departure and once again clarify as well, my reasons for departing in 2010, as they were all about the whole and the ascension process, and not about me. Hope to see you all again soon. In the meantime,

My h
eart to yours,

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