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Laments. . . .Mine and Ours

Greetings and Welcome!

JUST RECENTLY, IT CAME to my attention that a large segment of one of my books about ascension and its symptoms had been circulating around the Internet, with at times a tiny bit of a change here or there, or at other times, a long word for word article, and as had been the case just prior to my time-out in 2010 and evidently since then, my name was nowhere mentioned but a new and different author was named in my place each and every time. The sadness I experienced at this recent awareness was not a sadness for me, but for part of a spiritual community that has still somehow remained lost, but as I needed to remind myself. . . . not all of it.

I have never revealed what prompted me to so abruptly withdraw my work in 2010, as it seemed a whiny story best left for another venue, but after this recent event, I now feel the need to explain what occurred during that time, as I now prepare to move on when the time is right and have never cleared the air.

The goal during the first phase was to reach as many as possible and to help in any way we could. On that vein, it was fairly common to allow an author's material to be posted elsewhere on the Internet with appropriate credits. But as time progressed and things continued to stall with no apparent progress in regard to ascension, things began to go amuk. The most alarming part for me, was the observation of many in the spiritual community having blatant disregard and disrespect for each other. . . . eventually elevating to downright attacks upon the brothers and sisters of the spiritual community as they seemed to be going at each other in a very alarming way. Something indeed seemed amiss.

Then there were the many instances (according to others who notified me in an attempt to support me) of my articles being duplicated and my name being replaced by another author's name. Eventually, several Facebook groups emerged comprising several hundred members. The Facebook groups were called "Emerging Earth Angels," which was the name of my website at the time, and most everyone (as I came to find out later) believed that they were communicating with me. Evidently these groups highly promoted themselves and their sevices, putting off some of the readers and members, and posted my regular articles as well. I had absolutely no knowledge of these groups. When I moved to Brevard, here in North Carolina, my property manager and also the manager of the local radio station, commented that he had just hired a woman who knew me and said she had been communicating with me through my Facebook page. I had no idea who she was and I have never had a Facebook page. Stories like this became quite prevalent during this time, and I was in the dark for a large part of it as I am not an Internet surfer and rarely, if ever, ventured off of my own web site.

Soon, I began hearing from readers who would say that their friend knew me and spoke with me often. Never happened. This pattern began to escalate. Then there was the saddening experience with the translations. Readers begged me to translate my writings into their own languages, saying that there was a great need for this information to be available to others in foreign countries. A wonderful woman offered to translate one of my e-books into Spanish and I happily gave her a percentage of each sale. But as time went on, she became most upset as she was finding that the e-book was being offered on several websites for free, and even with assistance on how to download. When I contacted these website owners they laughed at me and basically said, "Ha! Ha! Too bad. There is nothing you can do about it!" Other translators were taking my posts and offering them on their websites for a fee or donation and yet others were translating my books without my knowledge and doing whatever they chose as "this information needs to get out there! We are helping!" 
It is not possible to protect digital media. People are going to do whatever they want with it with no sense of boundaries nor respect for the creator. In this way, we can only hope that individuals have the decency and reverence for others to do the right thing.  

But I believe that the most painful experience for me during that time was when my father was diagnosed with leukemia. Continuing to write during that time greatly helped in keeping me sane and grounded. It was a very difficult time for me, and I had no qualms about revealing this fact. But what I found deeply hurtful in a personal way this time, was that out of over 75,000 e-list subscribers and many more regular readers, I literally received three messages of condolence. Three. And these three were from readers I was not familiar with. By then it had become abundantly clear that it was more important for my readers to have access to my writings to support themselves, than to offer compassion and caring for their creator or even to support her. It was intended that the lower rungs (and that is still the plan) support the higher rungs, while the higher rungs continue to support the lower rungs in return. The ascension plan had gone off the rails. And I knew then, that I would not be helping anyone, and certainy not myself, by continuing to offer information and support about ascension.

A year or so after I pulled out (and it was for the good of the whole as well as for myself), I discovered that there were others who had the same experience that I had. Gary Craig (the creator of EFT) has some real horror stories for that time and he also suffered a heart attack as well. And Tom Kenyon (an amazing sound healer) has information posted on his site as of this day, lamenting about the deliberate theft of his sound recordings for use in another's "spiritual" video. There were indeed others who experienced the same and who were as upset as I was. To have your work and name so blatantly disrespected creates an enormous feeling of being violated. . . . and by people we were trying to help! Mutual support had seemingly become lost and forgotten and thus, the ascension rungs could not be formed.

So then, it was about this time that the ascension plan was changed in order to give others who were taking the energy of others, more time to become established on their own, and this change has basically been successful so far. The plan is now for these souls to come together in partnerships and to continue to offer what is needed for the souls on the planet who are benefiting from these offerings.

Now, we are in an interesting and most challenging place. Bar far, the most challenged souls of the ascension process are the fore-runners. The fore-runners have been ready and waiting for a very long time. Many of them peaked a few years ago. Many of them (many of you reading this) let most of everything go, according to the plan, a long time ago. Many of them, were forced to sit on the side-lines waiting for others to catch up and to become established. Many of them have been stretched as far as they could possibly go, and are now being stretched beyond that as they peaked far ahead of others. Many of them have had absolutely nowhere to go for quite some time. Being fore-runners, they are existing on the edge of whatever temporary space is currently at their disposal and being stretched and challenged far more than was, I believe, ever intended.

The challenge for these fore-runners is that they have been ready for a long time. They have been around the block, they have seen and experienced much, and they are weary beyond belief. The process for them, has gone on, and on, and on, and on. And still, there is nowhere yet to go. These souls have been forced to find temporary "everything" for so long that what is real and true has begun to fall by the wayside as the plot has nearly become a forgotten memory from another time and place.

The physical, emotional, and spiritual stresses for these souls are compounding with each day that the process continues on. Many are begging departure at this point, and one can hardly blame them. They have literally been pushed to the brink of what remains of the old and are teetering on a fine line attempting to hold onto anything that might bring them hope, love, and a trust that all is in divine and perfect order. With all of the releasing and letting go, along with having no place to reside (either literally or energetically), the state of emptiness and disconnect has been quite a challenge for many. It is important for these souls to take care of themselves now. To do whatever makes them happy, to give themselves permission to "go on vacation," to let go of everything, and simply bask in self-care. The old ways of continuing to believe souls must clear their issues in order to have a more pleasant ascension experience can now be replaced by self-love and by knowing that in God there is grace. In time, these souls will go somewhere new (more on this below).

Okay. With the lamenting and needed purging within this post now over, here is what is currently occurring and what we can expect in times to come:

We continue to build and move forward. In this, we can feel a new space but usually for a brief period of time and then we are back to our temporary spaces of the in-between. But with each move forward, we strengthen the grid even further. We are attempting to reach a point of self-sustainability. This state requires that we see and revere each other in lieu of saving ourselves and keeping control. Many souls continue to panic at the process and instinctively go into self-preservation which has been a stumbling block for the process for quite a long time. The new grid requires that we keep each other afloat, help and love each other, and connect heart to heart with love and compassion no matter what anyone is experiencing and why.

In recent weeks, a series of musical chairs have played out. Those unable to reciprocate love and compassion have been replaced by others who are able, thus strengthening the grid and keeping it afloat. It can indeed be challenging to place ourselves within this space when we are physically hurting and emotionally drained, but once we find the space of love, it is a divine and wonderful place to be. Most of the time we may feel just plain weird and strange and may not know why, and in this it can greatly help to simply allow these feelings to just be. Ultimately, we will come to know that love is all that really matters, that what is occurring and who is doing this or that has no relevance as love is all that really and truly exists and is what has continuously been there all along.

When we finally reach a place of self-sustainability and the grid is intact enough on its own, then the intense squeezing energies will subside. For the fore-runners, there will be a period of much needed rejuvenation. This period will be granted to these souls no matter what. Grace will be given. This rejuvenation will not need to be earned. It will be God's gift. These souls do not need to know how they will be taken care of, they simply will be. When this period is over, it is then that these fore-running souls will turn and begin their service to humanity, assisting other souls on other rungs to move up and join them or they will simply be present in higher states of love and connection to God (or Source energy if you prefer).

In the higher dimensions reverence is enormous. Reverence for other souls is a vital component of living in a higher vibrating reality. Souls easily and effortlessly "see" each other and absolutely delight in the presence of one another. In this our current society is grossly lacking, and many times in spiritual communities as well. We must develop this much needed reverence for each other. It is vitally important. And in this, we can also connect heart to heart with a deep caring and concern for one another, connecting together through love and reverence, caring and compassion, and helping and supporting each other as much as possible. Because this is the order of life in the higher realms, these kinds of relationships are being supported and are continuing to be formed while other relationships are falling away if this mutual connection is not present. It needs to go both ways.

There is indeed a group of souls who are supporting this process, and all has not been lost. So even though it may seem at times that things are not going anywhere or getting any better, they actually are. The new grid is growing stronger and souls are connecting more than ever before. For the fore-runners, their time is now over. This is why there is nothing much left for them. They are basically gone. They have departed. They needed to be set apart so that they would not be caught up in what is continuing to deteriorate and fall. This is why these soulsl may feel that there is nothing much left of themselves. That they cannot remember who they are or what they are here to contribute. They are gone only because they are indeed. . . . . fore-runners. And it will be these fore-runners who will return from the dead and bring new life into the whole, one rung at a time.

My h
eart to yours,

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