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My Exit Point. . . . and Maybe Yours Too

Greetings and Welcome!

WE HAVE REACHED A NEW and exciting point in the ascension process, and in this, this writer is most grateful. With the advent of April and on the heels of the spring equinox, more intense energies than we have yet to have experienced came in with a gusto. Mostly in preparation for the Grand Cross planetary alignment, which did indeed usher in a new beginning (more on this further along), these energies arrived with a specific intent to get us precisely where we needed to go.

Through the alignment we went and then immediately into May. Well. . . .now we are in the energy of the new reality, as the loving support of the planets assisted us with their distinct energy and purpose and greatly helped us along this long and challenging journey. Since our arrival into May, much has transpired. On Monday, May 5, we reached another point where any prior energies of the old needed releasing and this created a collective energy shift. On Tuesday, May 6, we were ready to charge forth once again. . . .all systems go!

With this new change and latest phase, much of the old will appear in chaos. We may find that any rudders we have previously planted have now been usurped and blown away, that we really don't know where we are now, and that what we thought we knew is behaving strangely. Like a mad rabid dog in a sea of "lostness," the old which is trying to maintain its control and to save itself is now making no sense whatsoever. . . .at least in regard to the energies of the new reality.

Much movement is occurring now. We need to be in alignment with the new. . . .the new that simply has love and God as its core and of which everything revolves around. In this, we are still then, in the process of unplugging from the old reality and in this as well, none of us has any choice if we are to remain on the earth and complete this process.

With this more intensive and aggressive move into the new, the old is scrambling. It has lost its home. It is now flitting around in a mad dash to find housing. But what is distinctly different about this massive shift we are now experiencing, and what is vastly different than what transpired in 2010, even though all the craziness may seem exactly the same (kindly see the prior post for May 4 for more detailed information), is that we now, and I mean really and truly, finally have somewhere to actually go.

In 2012 I had a most beautiful rental home in a lovely spot here in Brevard, North Carolina. A restored home build in the 30's, it overlooked the park where I could hear the voices of children playing on any given day. And my neighbors! I loved each and every one of them. Then one day the house next door began to show signs of something going on. Soon, a for sale sign appeared and then almost immediately it disappeared. And then. . . . .large trucks and heavy equipment arrived, taking out trash bag after trash bag after trash bag. Soon, old countertops and baseboards began to fill a massive dumpster in the driveway. It was also precisely at this time that we began a massive planetary cleanse in preparation for a journey up the stairway to our very new home in the cosmos (prior posts explain more detail about this process as does Down Into Up). This home was being gutted, as was the planet and many of the fore-runners in preparation for the new.

After several months of this, I was able to hobble over (oh, the ascension strains!) and spoke with the contractor. He told me that in June (it was 2013 by then), most would be done and everything in the house would then be connected. He actually said, "The gutting was the easy part. It is connecting everything together that is the most challenging part." In June a new family arrived and moved into the house and all was complete. So then, it was in June of 2013, that we were finished with the stairway to heaven and were now in readiness for the fall equinox of 2013 to open us up to a very new space.

After we arrived in the new space, we began building up. . . . adding the vibrational rungs of a new reality. In October of 2013 I left for California where I stayed for five months strengthening and developing familial relationships in order to strengthen the new grid. While there, a massive Victorian house across the street was in continual renovations. Cranes were there with loud noises tweaking the outside windows on a daily basis (we could never really figure out what they were actually doing). In regard to ascension, the new rungs were being tweaked and strengthened. And then of course, on February 22nd, while I was in transit back to North Carolina, my mother told me that they were now working on "the foundation."

Now, I am at my daughter's home in North Carolina, and of course, there is coincidentally a new home being built next door. But this new home is distinctively different. It is being built through Habitat for Humanity. And if one did not know this fact, it would be ever evident by how the house is being built. Everything is ever so gentle. The crews are ever so quiet. And they respectfully quit by 3:00 each day. But what is the most important and obvious difference, is that this home is being built through love.
The ground clearing was occurring right when I left for California, but everything stopped about the time I left. As of April, the building has resumed and continues still. I was told that they had run out of "funds." But now that some of us are connecting with love and the new grid is much more in place and secure, the "funds" have returned.

And this, of course, is precisely where we are now with ascension. We have gone through an enormous amount of stages to get here, and we are now at the stage where we have unplugged from the old reality and are now in the process of plugging into a very new home with love at the core. And in addition, things will greatly anchor in with the advent of the solstice in June.

This house next door is moving ahead slowly. Slowly and deliberately, as all work is being done with love and respect and much of it by the hands of few (heavy machinery nearly non-existent). This is precisely where we are as well with ascension. The new grid will begin with the connections of hearts and with love at the core. The group who is now ready for this new beginning and connection is currently very small. But it is the beginning and the house is unquestionably being built, as we have passed through the portal to the new reality with the advent of the Grand Cross alignment in April.
Most everyone residing on the planet is aware that something vast is occurring now. Ascension symptoms are now being experienced by the masses. So in this regard, a conscious awareness is now present which will continue to build. In this new awareness, the ascension process will soon expand and gather momentum, greatly assisting with the process.

We may wonder why we are currently where we are with our lives. . . . how we ever ended up here and perhaps we may think that we deserve better. But here is the truth and an indisputable fact: It does not matter where we are as long as there is love present. And when this love is given the opportunity to grow, through mutual heart connections and mutual reverence, the environment feels like a home we have yet to have experienced thus far on this earth.

We are unplugging from one old reality and plugging into another. And all it takes is mutual hearts.

I have reached a place in my personal journey that necessitates an unplugging from my prior work. In this regard, this will be my last post. I will be taking some time to draw and paint, to finish (nearly done) my young adult fiction book Charlie Rivers. . . .no ordinary boy, and to begin the stages of putting into place my new local ministry (it's just a small and personal one). But I will also be returning with a new website and new offerings that will assist in connecting us to the energy of God and assist in bringing us back home where we began. I do not know how long I will be gone, but know that it is time.

If you are on the e-list (you can sign up via the side-bar to the right), you will be notified when any new offerings are ready. My new website frame is already complete. I am simply now in the process of filling it in with a new and more evolved me that better matches the energies of the new. As bringing the energy of God through ourselves and to the planet is our next step, my new offerings will be assisting others in that regard. This new connection to God is different than what I have known thus far and I am excited to be able to connect with others in this way (the logo is actually a bit mis-leading as we really don't find our way home, rather it finds us). In the future, you can look for the new Gama Books banner always at


For now, the current bare bones Gama Books web site containing prior posts will remain up with prior posts readily available.

I would like to extend a huge gratitude to all my readers over the many years I have been writing. I would not have been able to continue my work and purpose if not for you. You have been my shining lights, my reason for continuing on, my support, and have filled my heart in so many ways. I hope that we will meet again in times to come with hearts connecting. For now. . . .

My heart to yours,

(Kindly note that e-mail notifications for new posts were discontinued some time ago. Still active, the Gama Books e-list is currently being utilized for announcements of any new books, new offerings, or important news from Gama Books and/or Karen Bishop.)

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