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The Preparation

Greetings and Welcome!

I AM POSTING TODAY BECAUSE you have asked, and because so many of the forerunners are desperate, in despair, and weary far, far beyond any normal ability to recoup. And yes, I am right there along with you with this latest energy event. It has been hard. Very hard. And at this point we may simply only be able to give up, to let go, and not even be able to wish for any kind of remote relief, as we have now gone mute, limp, and lifeless with seemingly no hope for any kind of change. We may be, at this point, so far removed from hope that hope is no longer something we can even find in the deep and dark recesses of this past week or two. But even so, this is simply a manifestation of our current state, and this state is only temporary.

Small glimmerings of hope may have found their way to us only days and weeks prior. A strange and new feeling for many of us. Things would be looking up. We could feel it. Things were beginning to change. To get better. We were becoming stronger and connecting to the new. We were being watched over and protected. We had make progress. It was there. Good things were occurring. But then, as the ascension process continually creates, a massive cleansing and restructuring occurred, and this one was massive indeed.

I had mentioned in prior posts a few months ago that we would experience a drastic and intense anchoring in of the new energies in June, and this is indeed what has just occurred. This writer has never experienced such intense energies thus far. On Friday, June 13, we experienced a substantial solar flare which served to get us to a new space. But first, we had some letting go to do.

Prior to the solar flare of the 13th, we were in a period of disconnect which lasted for about a week. During this time we were able to let go of anything and anyone who was not in alignment with the new space we were about to occupy. A large wave of gratitude could be felt by many as we let go and intuitively knew that we would not have to be in these unpleasant spaces ever again. At the same time, we also disconnected from our normal spaces as well. Disconnecting can arrive in various forms. We may have our cell phones act up, prohibiting us from sending or receiving (the same with emails), we may find ourselves disconnected from our homes for strange reasons, or we may even have our family members away on vacation. Whatever the process, we were disconnecting from much in order to prepare for the massive restructuring soon to occur.

As soon as we were free for awhile, we then reconnected, and this arrived in the form of the massive solar flare which reached the earth on Friday the 13th. Its effects could be felt (especially for sensitives) for several days, as we all literally bumped up one huge notch on the hierarchy of the new grid. We were literally moved up as a whole into an entirely new space. This was, indeed, a massive undertaking and the solar flare helped to get us there.

It was then that we did not really know where we were. What we had been doing and where we had been before suddenly seemed a wrong fit, or at best, something we may have lost interest in while other endeavors began to shine through even brighter. But this process was not over yet. The solstice was yet to arrive.

With solstices, we go deep, we dig deep, we anchor in (unlike equinoxes when we easily cross over). In this way, we had a massive cleansing and cleaned out ourselves, our spaces, and much else while at the same time, we touched very deep into the new and anchored it in. And because we have made so much progress in regard to peeling away the layers through ascension, we were literally gutted. For those at the forefront and for those who have fewer layers left, this gutting was quite painful. Especially for the physical body. Remember, the forerunners have basically been "ready" for longer than we ever thought we would, so these kinds of events hit us at far deeper levels than most.

The solstice energies this time around were very powerful. They had a big job to do. We had to anchor in and have the energies of the new really take hold. So even though we may have felt some glimmerings of hope just prior, these recent events are serving to cement in our new reality and the new rungs that we have recently put into place. In this way, after this event begins to wane, we will feel much, much stronger than ever before. 

Along with the energies of the solstice came yet even more solar flares. Yes, more. These flares brought in higher vibrating energies to add to the anchoring in process. Much heat could be felt with a need to drink, and drink, and drink! And then, of course, we are having to adjust to it all via an expected cleanse and purification process!
This event in June, this event revolving around the solstice, was intensely pivotal and hugely significant in regard to the ascension process.

But there is even more. Whenever we move into higher vibrating space, the denser and darker energies are dislodged. In this way, they have no home. They do not know where to go and now find themselves exposed in the light. And when they begin to panic, all "hell" can break loose.

We must remember that there is really no darkness or right or wrong or good or bad, but simply energies that vibrate at differing levels. And all really and simply, just is. We are reaching new levels now, and in these levels we are no longer "clearing," releasing, and attempting to address personal issues. In these new energies, we acknowldge, accept, revere, and deeply love. It is love that accomplishes the healing. We need only shine the light and offer the love, or if we are much too weary and depleted, we need simply "be" and trust and accept and let go.

In times past, some may have felt the need to hold large meditations to hold the light, but this has never been accurate, as far as this writer believes. The best and most powerful way to secure and build light is through our connections to each other. We can do this through reverence.

Reverence is not gratitude or thankfulness for what another has given us. Gratitude is indeed a powerful and higher vibrating energy (just next in line to love), but it comes from the filter of self. Reverence is quite different. In the higher realms, we are beyond joy when we encounter our brothers and sisters. We love them, adore them, are blissful when around them, and we "see" and accept them with all their unique gifts and talents and for precisely who they are. We revere, deeply respect them, and acknowledge them. We see them not through any mirrors or projections of ourselves, but simply for who they are. We are aware of their presence. We leave space for them to exist within our space. We listen, we acknowledge, we see outside of ourselves. And there is a mutual support. It goes both ways, not just one way. We see them clearly then, and not through the filter of who we are or of what we need. It is more about the other, and far less about ourselves. This is reverence. And when another we revere sees us in return, a powerful and strong connection of light is formed.

In this way, we are still at the stage where we are continuing to build and strengthen the new grid through interactions of mutual love between ourselves and others. Mutual love. This is the glue that will sustain our new reality and the process that continues to ask for our participation and it will continue on for quite some time.

But there is still yet more. All this intense activity of June is preparing us even more for a substantial move. This will be the largest move yet. We will be put in even more new spaces, but this time we should be able to really feel like we are finally somewhere new, and this new will be much more expansive. On June 1st an overwhelming feeling arrived that seemed to say, "Something is coming." And today, even after the events of the solstice, it is as strong as ever (suddenly moved to clean your floors, or maybe just a wish from a pain ridden and exhausted body? Ususally an indicator!). So as we move out of the energies of June and Mercury retrograde, we will find ourselves in new, more secure, more grounded, and more higher vibrating spaces than we have experienced thus far.

We are rapidly approaching massive deterioration of the old, and this is how it was intended. The deterioration will arrive diguised as darkness, but it is really the light serving as a catalyst for change.
As there is really no darkness, it will be the light in diguise as darkness that will nudge and spur us on to create something new, to create a strong desire for light (pulling us in that much needed direction which the new reality is all about), and encourage us to get off of the old reality of the grid of electronics, look up and around us, and begin the creation of the new in a physical reality.

Electronics and the Internet were our old grid while much was being rearranged, and soon then, we will be nudged through the seeming darkness to begin creating the new in the physical. In this way, there will be restructuring as much will go sovereign, break away from the so called "darkness" which will become intolerable (and it will get as bad as it needs to get in an attempt to reach most everyone), and begin to build.

At the same time, we are so much closer now than ever before to a reality with light at its core, that the simple event of any so called darkness being exposed to our more ever present light, will bring it out in the open very quickly, and this process then, of deterioration and then restructuring will move along quite quickly. 

But ultimately, it is the energies that we create through mutual love and reverence that will serve to expedite our process. We are indeed building the new reality through our love for one another, one secure and solid bridge of love at a time. As this writer has said so many, many times, seeing outside of ourselves and into others and the whole is what it is all about.

My h
eart to yours,

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