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Greetings and Welcome!

ONE OF MY READERS reminds me that Barbra Streisand is still on her good-bye tour :D, but nonetheless, there is such good news to share that I decided to take a break from Charlie Rivers and write yet another post. And this may not even be news to some of you. . . .but even so. . . .

After all the intense shuffling, purging, cleansing, restructuring, gutting, grounding, and movement that took place in June, we are somewhere very new, and we can actually feel it for a change. But the best news is that this new space is actually sticking. It has indeed taken hold and is continuing to hold steady.

In June we moved upward in position as a whole, greatly and very deeply anchored into a very new space, and now we are sitting most securely on a brand new underlay.

On Monday, June 7, we moved forward with this new underlay in place, and now we are, of course, cleansing with the ascension flu as we adjust. The new underlay is vitally important and immensely indicative of our progress in creating a very new reality on a very new grid. This underlay will secure us, hold us in place, ground us, and most importantly and most needed, it will give us the beginnings of a new sense of place after being in the in-between for far, far too long.

During the end of 2013, we were encouraged to connect more fully to family members and to those who might create the possibility of new connections through the heart. This was to ensure that a new grid would be able to sustain itself through the energy of the new reality in times to come
with love at its core. When this time was complete (it was fairly successful), the first group of "ascenders" crossed over into a very new space in January of 2014. On their heels came another group at the end of January and into February. Many manifestations and wonderful things occurred for some of the first group of crossers, as they were now in place on the hierarchy of vibrational rungs.

What needed to occur next, did not occur, and so. . . . the new crashed yet again as the new grid was not yet strong enough to sustain itself. Not enough hearts were connecting. Not enough reverence was given. Old grooves and old beliefs (my way and my soul purpose is the only way) were reverted back to and everything fell apart once again. More delays, of course.

During this very long ascension road, we are always given an opportunity to make a change in the plan, to move it forward or even to move it back. In this way, it is not remotely possible to predict what will happen at any particular time, and especially, to predict when the enormously squeezing energies from above will subside. The planetary alignments always assist, as does much else on the planet, but they will not be able to predict when our final destination will arrive. . . they will only most likely be present when it is ultimately time according to how the overall picture is playing out. 

In the meantime, an overall plan continues to play out as we fit inside of it. We were unable to sustain the new reality on our own by 2010 (as had been the case for a very long time, not enough souls were ready), so more time was given for as many as possible to catch up and then to connect once again (many grew during that time and others who were already "ready" basically became invisible and unacknowledged). Human nature and human behavior has continually been miscalculated by the powers that be, so since 2010, we are being pushed along by an enormous hand from above that keeps us down and in place so that we do not slip backward. So even if we cannot yet take over on our own, the unseen and enormously stressful energies from above are doing it for us.

This is why we have now reached a new milestone with the ascension process. It has basically been done for us, and because slipping back is not an option, we have been experiencing continual cleansing, pushing, squeezing, adjusting, and for many, highly painful physical experiences.

The new underlay is holding all the new energy. And we are now living right on top of it. In this way, the new energies that will feel oh so good, will arrive from below us and permeate up and then expand outward. This experience with the new energies was beginning to make itself known for those who were poised and ready in 2010, and now it is finally back again. And this time, we are all on the new grid as a whole. Not just some souls who would then assist others in crossing over as was the intention of the original plan.

With this enormous grounding came of course, enormous foot and leg pain, along with our usual litany of ailments than seem to be graduating in intensity. As our individual layers becoming ever more extinct, the assisting energies then begin to reach us more deeply, creating even more challenges and discomfort (to put it mildly).

The new underlay will strengthen the new grid. So in this way, our chances of slipping back will begin to diminish. We will begin to feel like we are home. . . like we are somewhere for a change. We will begin to feel stronger, even though physically we are still not home free by any means. We will begin to feel more in charge (after many months of seemingly being helpless victims). We will begin to see what is really and truly occurring, and I can tell you, it is beautiful and there is enormous love all around us.

The new is bleeding through again, in slow and steady increments. And with the advent of the new underlay, it will soon push itself upward as we begin to build upon it. And when the pushing and squeezing energies finally lift, an amazing, awesome, and truly magnificent reality will reveal itself, as it has been there all along but we could not see it through all the pain, suffering, and enormous stress our bodies have been under.

The new underlay is a huge achievement for the ascension process. Finally having something solid and concrete to walk upon after months and months of being lost, seemingly nowhere, floundering, drowning, acutely depleted, and weary at the deepest of soul levels, will place us in a new position of strength and security, if even only the beginning.

But it is an important beginning, because from here we will now move ahead much more quickly. And we can know as well, that the "selves" we may have strangely morphed into, who do not remember joy, happiness, love, or especially who we really are (the good parts that seem to have strangely jumped ship and left newfound grumpy and unpleasant selves!), will begin to quickly disappear as the True Self of our soul will also reveal itself once again (the False Self emerging is part of the process! The new offerings at Gama Books will assist with all of this :D).

So as Charlie Rivers and his friends frequently say, "OMG!"  OMG, the new underlay is finally here!

My heart to yours,


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