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I know many are continuing to suffer, as you have reached out in desperation for a new post, wanting to hold onto some kind of hope or assurance, or perhaps just an inkling of the road map during this unspeakably long and unrelenting ascension process. I have not written, as I have been in quite a transition of my own, touching new shores and finding that writing posts is now indeed, a role that no longer fits my new beginning. Continuing to write posts would have only served to pull me back into the old, and to hinder the progress that I, and many of you, have ultimately made. In addition, the energies of June and July have left me nearly at the end, if not within the severance, of the small rope that has been holding me, and I have been much too weak to do much of anything.  As this very fine rope now begins to sever completely, I am finding myself in a land that is near impossible to describe, but one that is so full of love and unity, safety and security, and all things other-worldly that I have decided to write yet another post with the distinct purpose of letting some of you know that this road is almost over.

It is most true, that doing anything with love will place us in the space of this new reality, so it is with great love for all who read this post, that I write today. The month of June did, indeed, bring with it a very new underlay and after this accomplishment (kindly refer to prior posts for more details regarding what this was all about) we were indeed, upon an amazingly new and strong structure that would now serve to hold us in place and provide the blueprint for the very new reality.

July arrived and of course, along with it came all the necessary adjustments, leaving many of us wondering how much more we could possibly endure. One day the energies pushed and squeezed so ferociously, that I lamented that a human body could not possibly survive this pressure. That day, the energies were attempting to stabilize us, holding us tightly in place as the planet was wobbling and had yet to gain its equilibrium in this very new space. Another day we received a massive thrust, pushing us forcefully into the next dimension (that part did indeed feel wonderful, if one could even feel during that day!). The powers that be were testing our new position, in an attempt to determine just how close we were to the next dimension and what, if anything, would be needed to get us there so that a new protocol and plan could then be put into place.

With so may of us now barely holding on, these latest energy movements were perhaps met with glassy eyes and a zombie-like presence, for at this stage of the game, our puppet selves had lost all sense of anything remotely making sense, nor did we care as we were depleted beyond belief from a process that had continued on far, far longer, and then more far, far longer, and then even more far, far longer that we had ultimately lost count of the "fars" involved. Now feeling lost, and who wouldn't be, for some of us, our lives had become about the tossed salads we had now become.

During the latter part of July, we moved once again into a substantially new space. In this, we experienced feelings of great loss with quite a grief process. The old was over now and never to be again ( writing, for example), and we were most assuredly. . . . .quite done with a prior phase of our lives. It was time now, to prepare for the new. Symptoms? Crazy sleep patterns, even more than the usual disruptions. Great fear. We were going somewhere very new and who yet knew where that really was? Scary dreams at night, with "something" trying to get us. Also, feeling fear and feeling spooked during the day. Feeling that we now had pretty much no boundaries whatsoever (with lessons in boundaries strangely occurring in weeks prior), as so much density has now been removed, strong feelings that something was impending, that the other shoe was going to drop, and that something was about to occur, and who knew what it was? And with all the enormous pressure on our bodies for so very long, being attuned to anything has been near impossible, so some of us may not have "felt" a thing, and rightfully so.

The "other shoe" has started dropping, and with each new landing, I can attest that it feels divine. Although we are all different, I am assuming that I am not the only one having these experiences. The new began trickling in for me in slow and steady visions over the month of July, and the new was at that point still a vision, but by the end of July, I was in the next dimension of experience for first one complete day, and now today (as we pass into August), it is here once again. But it is not here permanently quite yet. This reality is, of course, all about love. The safety and security is immense and unbounding, there is love everywhere, the unity is profound, and the lack of boundaries are irrelevant as the love is the antidote to it all. There is more, of course (the art of creating was interesting, but after consideration, not surprising), but what is most important at this point and the purpose of this post, is how we will get here, where we are now, and that it is all, finally, almost over.

Forerunners will arrive first (this is what is happening now). We are at the helm; in front within the queue. It is the most beautiful sight to behold, as one will arrive, connect to the next dimension, then immediately turn and embrace the next. (Others are holding our old spaces now, a few rungs down the ladder of vibrational hierarchies, and cleansing away. Thank goodness! We have made their journeys much easier, as we have broken the new ground for everyone else.) After we arrive, all connections are through our hearts and within the immense love and reverence that we will have for one another. The new reality experience will arrive in bits and pieces, in stops and starts, but the more our hearts connect, the stronger and more pronounced the new reality will become (and yes, we will still need money until we don't!). Compassion and anything heart related will connect us. So in this way, we will find that our world will begin very small, and will be comprised of people with whom we have a strong heart connection. We will recognize each other, be immediately open to each other, and be immensely drawn to one another, if we  possess this amazing and strong connection of love. It is also comprised of a new innocence, a state of not knowing a thing, and an open and immense vulnerability with a gross lack or desire for control.

I have to say, that another wonderful thing that is quite present, and something that most of us have always known, is the simplicity. It is the small and wondrous things that really matter, and any problems and laments get pushed to the side, as love is at the forefront and is all that matters as well. We exist for the purpose of loving. This is what everything is all about and we are very conscious of it. Being subtle and non-assuming, gentle and caring, and giving love freely will occur very quietly and between agreeing souls, as will anonymous service from small connected groups as we continue up the spiral of arriving in a new and higher dimension.

Because we are now residing upon a very new underlay, this new way of living and being from the heart will be supported in a huge way, as this places us in alignment with where we now live and are residing. Do we need to be connected to the hearts of another in order to experience this new energy? Do we need to be in another's presence in order to walk in this new land? I have found, for myself, that this is not the case. But when we do find ourselves in this new dimension, we quite naturally and effortlessly connect to others in this way. When we are still in the transitional reality, spending time with those with whom we have a heart connection can greatly help to make us feel at home. But during the times when we are fully ensconced within the new reality, it embraces us, and we then quite naturally fall into its parameters and simply and easily love everyone and everything. It's just a very different feeling and presence than the process of building up and supporting the new energies as we continue our journey forward. Connecting to each other through our hearts is part of the process of getting there, but after we arrive, we simply love everything effortlessly. Hoping this all makes sense.

I do not know if I will be writing another post (I know I always say that. I had to access my old laptop in order to write and post this as I have recently moved on to a new one and it does not have my prior "things"), and am assuming that if I am having these other-worldly experiences then so are others, and some probably have even more interesting tales to tell than I do, so these posts will probably not even be needed in times to come. At this time I am still in the process of completing my first chapter book (when my fingers, body, and brain agree to work!) of juvenile fiction for children and adults alike (it contains the blueprint for the new reality, how we will get there, and how it all works!), and am greatly enjoying this new space of writing fiction, and hopefully continuing with my watercolors as well (body stress created a delay :(  ). So for now, know that we are almost there, that the new reality is making itself known and staying for longer now than a few brief moments (and all without a big thrust from above!), and that we are finally, finally having the new experiences that living in a higher dimension can bring.

My heart to yours,


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