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Firstly, I must apologize for all the waffling. I had intended to place any "unusual" news with ascension
on the Gama Books latest news page, as I did not think I would be writing too much about unusual
happenings with ascension, but quite honestly, there is so much movement and change occurring that I figured, hey, new information needs to go on the Posts page where I can add as I please with ease. So
here it is. . .(and thank you for your patience).

We are without a doubt making enormous progress with ascension, and this is why there is so much
occurring at this time. But first, a brief recap to put it all into perspective (which will hopefully give our
current goings on more relevance):

Beginning in 2010, many souls who were poised and ready to move forward into a new and higher
vibration were held back so that others could catch up. I won't go into a lot of detail here as many
of you have heard this before. This occurred because there was a collapse resulting from a
very unstable foundation of vibrational hierarchies. Those ready for the big move had no one under
them. Because of this, a new plan was implemented and this plan involved a holding down by the
energies so that nothing could move forward until the hierarchy was stable and in place. If forward
movement ever did occur (and it has), the entire structure of hierarchies moved forward as a whole.

These past four years have been all about building and strengthening this new structure of hierarchies,
so for many, this has been a long four years of being held back and boxed in, and for others, it was
more about moving forward and into a true and authentic self. And all the while, for all of us, cleansings
have been a near constant occurrence as we needed to make sure everything remained as clear and
higher vibrating as possible.

During this time of creating an entirely new grid, we first needed to create a stairway to at least get
us to a higher vibrating place. So, we landed on a stair (very small area, a stair is!), cleansed and
adjusted, then moved onto the next stair. Slowly, we ascended up the stairway until we reached
(usually at the time of an equinox) a larger stair or more expansive space. Then we spread out some
more as we continued to climb.

2014 arrives and we cross over as a whole, if even in differing groups. The hierarchy had
been successfully established (we touched noses with as many loved ones as possible, if even for
the intent of connecting more fully much further down the line), and we were ready as a whole to
move forward into something very new.

So although this cross from 2013 into 2014 was an enormous event, we were still left in a space of
no space as stability was still too rocky. We needed to revere and love each other, to acknowledge
each other's gifts, reciprocally, and this was not occurring as was hoped. This would have strengthened
the grid enormously. Things moved forward nonetheless, if even within a more stressed and pressured
environment, as the energies were still needed to keep us in place and to continue to cleanse.

June, 2014 arrives and this was the point that changed everything. Enough of a structure was in place
that a new underlay, or new foundation could be laid. This was also a very challenging month, because
in order to place this new grid under our feet, we had to undergo an enormous gutting and cleansing
experience, along with the anchoring in. But it worked beautifully, and now, a very new structure and
grid is under our feet and holding the energy of a very new reality.

July and August were interesting months, as a myriad of experiences were being had by many. For
some, manifestations were coming through, wonderful love energy and peace was abounding, and new
space was at the forefront. For others, a sense of bewilderment, of feeling lost, and perhaps in a land
of no land was the norm. Things were still being put into place, and these manifestations were simply
indicative of who was going where, as some were greatly anchoring in, while others were still waiting
for the structure to complete more fully. But all the while, lower rungs were stabilizing, as was vitally
important and wholly necessary in order for this very new reality to come into form.

For many during this time, having the oh familiar ascension flu seemed to linger for an eternity, as the
energies continued to hold us in stabilizing mode. And of course, the wide variations of ascension
experiences continued on as well. Also during this time, a new and more exaggerated lack of boundaries
arrived, as how could this possibly be avoided, with a continual removal of layers that had gone on for
years, now leaving us with nary an outer coating of protection. And in this regard, the ascension energies
were now touching some of us at the deepest layers possible. Physically? Ouch! Or more to the
point, you've got to be kidding!!

For those at the front of the line, or rather those poised for occupancy at the higher rungs of ascension,
these past several weeks created new and interesting experiences with being boxed in. Souls on the
higher rungs are still moving. They have not yet arrived. So then, they have been prohibited from
anchoring in. . . .anywhere. If even a toe out, it seems, then along comes a massive cleansing in
an attempt to remove the new attachment.

"Don't cling to me," Jesus said, "for I haven't yet ascended to the Father.
But go find my brothers and tell them, 'I am ascending to my Father
and your Father, to my God and your God.'"
----  John 20:17

And at the same time, the gross lack of boundaries has created an acute vulnerability as well. Seemingly
much of anything is quickly taken on as one's own, and having nothing remotely left anyway, there is
a vast empty space needing to be filled. The excitement of ascension seemingly has no end! But all is
as it should be. . . kindly read on for some new and exciting news.

The rambling  now over, here is the latest, beginning now with the news for September:

In preparation for the big move forward through the equinox on September 22, came, you guessed,
an intense cleanse. First the upper body, then the lower, and with more pushing and purging than
this writer has yet to have experienced. But the excitement bumped up even more, as along with
the cleanse came a double solar flare (the week of September 7), bringing in higher vibrating energy,
and an energy that created needed adjustments.

We are undoubtedly bumping up in vibration as a whole. When the earth readies herself for new and
higher vibrating energies, she will open via an earthquake, and as we all know, earthquakes and
volcanic eruptions and weather patterns involving heat, and on and on, are indications that the earth
is releasing, purging, and taking on the energy of the new. The beginning of September brought on
an intense pounding, no question.

At the same time, we are continuing to build. People are getting married (those who have a large
audience and can influence the energies of the whole, have come together now with more
love than ever  before), the love connection is strengthening, new and exciting things are arriving
regarding healthy eating, farming, love hitting the streets in unusual ways, and so forth. I actually
enjoy reading the news now, as so much goodness and change is beginning to come forth. But
because we are now on the new grid, the more we build, the more we also lose. The current pattern,
now in bigger chunks, is build, build, lose, lose,build, build. And we are, as never before, holding
steady and strong as we continue to build.

And in addition, the more we build and the more we hold steady, the more we see of darkness
losing its foothold as it no longer has a home. It is in terror right now, as it does not know where
to go. It has been usurped. It is flailing around, desperate and afraid, in a near hysteria. The deeper
cleansings are also creating disease and illness, as so much is being pushed to the surface, now
at the physical levels, and lack of boundaries is moving these cleansings ever forward. 

The week of September 17 ended the massive cleansing and near intolerable pushing phase, and
resulted in a huge release. It was as if a massive hatchet arrived and cut any cords that had been
holding us in relationships that needed redefining. We need to be free now. And in order to be in
alignment with the energies of the new, our relationships need to be free and clear, to exist solely
with love at their core, and only love. In this way, if our relationships are codependent, if we are
helping others (a natural state of being for many souls), or even taking responsibilities that are not
ours to take, these kinds of connections will be swiftly severed. But all is not lost. . . kindly
read on.

This massive release was the first in over four years. We are no longer being held, even though the
pushing and holding energies are still present. We are very simply, preparing for this amazing and
monumental move that is soon to arrive. We may find ourselves asking what it truly is that we want
in our lives. What we really want to be doing. Not what makes sense, or what we need do to earn
a living, but what and who we are at our core. Perhaps what we loved as a child, or something so
simple, pure, and innocent that it only makes sense to us. These things will be possible, and we
need not wonder how they will transpire. We need only follow the trail of what comes our way, even
if it does not make sense.

It is also during this time that a split will occur. Some will go through one door and others
will enter another. Love will dictate these choices, along with the "I" verses the whole.

Things have indeed been amping up in regard to departures. But this is all in accordance with what
has arrived. The new moves in, the old departs. In recent years, the new moved in, but it was not the
new we have been waiting for that arrived during this time. In recent times past, there was not much
left out there. The higher vibrating energies were stuck on the sidelines or transitioning, so whatever
was still out there, was holding this very old reality and really, fairly non-existent space. In this way,
we can be grateful for these energies that continued to hold things in place until it was time for the big shift. Everything has a place, and everything is needed and valued. These temporary and at times seemingly senseless energies (not in every case, of course), were holding together a reality that was dying, all
so that this massive transition could transpire and so that we would not be left in a complete and total nothing. We had to have somewhere to be as a whole. These temporary energies have done their part
beautifully, and in this we can give thanks. . .  and enormous reverence.

In preparation for upcoming events, we have then, been set free. But not all the way as there is still
much to unfold. This latest event of release has placed some of us in the space where we will begin
the process of turning. Those in front, those who are blazing the trail with the hardest hits, those who
are baring their souls to God, will anchor in to the closest God connection, to the furthest space on the
new grid, and will then turn and embrace the others.

The new way of being dictates that whatever energies arrive in our spaces, will instantly be transformed
and transmuted into love. The forerunner souls will then have no need for boundaries, as when love
is ever present, no boundaries are needed. This process is beginning now. This is why any old
connections not adhering to this formula, are being swiftly severed. But they will, of course, have
the opportunity to re-establish themselves when this way of being becomes strengthened and utilized.

So then, we are preparing for the cross-over into more massive new space through the portal of
September 22. But this is only the beginning. On October 8, we will experience a lunar eclipse,
giving us the opportunity to acknowledge and embrace our shadow sides (as in this new reality,
love is the healer, acceptance is the glue), and on October 23, arrives a solar eclipse which will
herald a very new beginning.

The events of October are intended to be enormous and will greatly change the landscape of our
planet. Because so much is now changing and strengthening, when we touch this new space, when
our feet land upon its shore, a substantial amount of the old will fall away. For some, the old will
depart almost
in its entirety, and for others, the old has been gone for so long that the new will
feel like an arrival into a place of our dreams. This is the time we have indeed been waiting for. And
it is during this time that massive amounts of change will occur.

Several weeks ago I was blessed to hear a Holocaust survivor speak in our small town. Among many
things, he described what it felt like to be finally freed from the camps. When his freedom occurred,
he was not sure what was actually going on. He said that he and his comrades were basically under
a tub, frozen in a daze, like zombies who had been in hell for so long they had lost any sense of
reality. So in this way, they were not able to fully grasp the magnitude of the end of the war and their impending freedom. It did not hit them right off. It was like a dream and they were not sure it was real.
And no one had come and told them. They had to figure it out for themselves.

I cannot imagine the terrors these souls experienced, nor am I attempting to liken them with those of ascension, but for some of us, ascension has been a dark night with no end. How many can we tell who
would actually believe what we have endured? And who could understand these otherworldly feelings and
highly stressful and painful bodily sensations? When the worst is over, will we know? Have we been boxed
in and held down for so long that this is all we can remember?  I pray each day for all of us. For what we
have endured, and for what has transpired that seemingly did not fit our original plan. I do not believe we
were completely prepared for the change in the plan and what it would entail. Highly sensitive and accustomed to higher ways of doing and being, this has been a challenge beyond measure
for some of us. But at the same time, I believe we have grown. And I believe this experience has been
a gift that has expanded our souls. And in this, a gold nugget remains.

When we land upon this new shore, and with the new hierarchy now in place, we will then be able to
create what we need. To create what will support our new roles and new spaces, and in this as in
everything before, we can choose to give thanks. But know as well, that December will herald yet more
ascension excitement as we prepare to enter the energies that 2015 will bring.

Each and every one of us is loved, we are being watched over and looked out for, and
our loads are being lifted. The emptiness is a gift in lightening our loads, in helping with the stress,

My heart to yours,


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