Down Into Up

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  Down Into Up (available in paperback and e-book formats)
   Navigating the Energies of Ascension
   $7.99 (copyright 2013)  

    The earth is in a newly accelerated process of evolving into a new reality  
    with love and spirituality at its core.  Down Into Up will guide you through
this challenging and at times very confusing process. You will learn about the shifting of the planetary energies, why these shifts occur when they do, and how they may make you feel. You will learn about the progress we have made and why things have unfolded as they have.
Down Into Up will also give you a snapshot of the ladder of  higher dimensions as
we continue to climb, along with what it will be like living in the energies of a very spiritual planet with God and the heart at its core. You will be shown how the road to get there begins to change, how to find guidance when there is none,  and why you may be feeling left out, disconnected, and alone along the way. A tool for support, Down Into Up will bring you comfort and assurance in these rocky and uncertain times. Most all of the information con-
tained within this book is still relevant for 2016.


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  Down Into Up
  The latest ascension news,
  now in both paperback  
  and  e-book formats.
  more. . . .


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