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My Long Absence


Hello everyone,

I had originally posted a lengthy article here about the latest ascension news, along with a brief explanation of my long absence as they were related, but posting the article ultimately threw my energy so far back into my old space that I felt it best to remove it altogether so that I may continue my process in moving forward with more ease. Yes, I feel a bit flakey for removing it, but at the same time feel quite good about honoring myself and my process so that I can remain free and clear until I reach my final destination.

Briefly:  I experienced immense challenges with the new energies beginning in October, 2014, and was unable to write. Although I will no longer be writing ascension posts, I am moving on to fiction writing as my new expression of the new energies and looking forward to that with much excitement. Thank you for your patience with these continual back and forth energies as we progress ever forward. We are almost there. Hellelujah!

My heart to yours,



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