Preparing for the Higher Frequencies Part I (Part II here)

I don't know about most of you, but since the higher frequencies arrived once again through the November 11 portal, immediately followed by the new beginning eclipse on the 13th/14th, I have
been whipped in more ways than one!

Very briefly, the higher energies arriving in November were earmarked for the new masculine and
feminine, so in this way, we greatly needed to align with the new feminine. Because ascension so
greatly mimics menopause, the message clearly resembled "the end" in that we were being told
that it is now time for us, we must nurture ourselves, we must assuredly put ourselves first at all
times, our time is finally here, and so on. In addition, the right sides of our bodies could also be affected as this re-balancing took place.  No more stretching, reaching, fixing, or aggression as the old masculine makes its departure.

Along the note of the feminine, the arrival of this energy placed considerable stress on our female/
internal organs and could be experienced as pushing, pushing, and more pushing.....almost like
the beginning pains of  "birth," along with continued pressure in the abdominal area. How strange
these ascension symptoms can be!  And a few brief rounds of  detoxing arrived as well, creating flu-like symptoms, headaches, and a feverish state of being. Nerve pains are a common occurence as well while we adjust to all this commotion.  Will the fun ever end?

Then comes December 1 and we are severely pushed into yet another space. This new space involved pushing as well, but this time it was more about aligning with the new higher frequencies in an over-all way. When we first arrive in a new space it can feel so divine and glorious, and then the adjusting begins! Weakness, rapid heartbeat, exhaustion, and the need to eat about every five minutes can be experienced during this time, along with our bodies behaving in more than strange ways. We may feel acutely fatigued, but find that resting does little to help at times. And staying hydrated is mandatory, as dehydration can readily occur during these times of integration. Our bodies can sleep, sleep, sleep at night as they are totally exhausted, and in this way, this can be a strange Godsend.

It is always best to seek medical attention when needed, even though many times we are left with no medically viable answers or remedies and even after numerous tests we may find that there is absolutely nothing wrong. At least that can be a consolation at times.

About every three days from the onset of December, we moved forward once again in slow and steady increments, all the while continuing to adjust to the very high frequencies now arriving in our midst (Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday). Our energy may have returned for awhile, but then boom! We moved forward and started with the adjusting all over again.

Now arrives December 12 through the 11 portal and talk about higher vibrating energies! During sleeptime on December 11 we really went through the ringer as we passsed through a massive threshhold into the new.  Awakening on December 12 things may have looked very different out, and of course, our bodies are now feeling even more strange with a lightness and different relationship with gravity, or so it seems. But at the same time, things are so very cleansed and crystal clear outside if we are able to notice.  This particular move forward had a greater emphasis on the heart energy. In this way, pain between the shoulder blades or around the heart could be present, but easily dissipated.  A massive burst of energy arrived very briefly on the 12th as well, nearly knocking our socks off (if you are a sensitive soul), and like a jolt from above, all the goodness to come could be felt in its presence.

From the 12th onward, we are adjusting to some very high frequencies, but in time, I am assuming this adjustment period will end (if it doesn't, I may not be long for this world!). We're in the home stretch now, after being stripped of so much and challenged in so many ways. We only need hold on a little while longer. Our very new spaces for January are still in the prep stage, and there is nothing yet there for us to jump onto, even though things are very much under construction at a rapid rate.

Remaining calm is acutely imperative during these last few weeks. We can trust that everything is right where it needs to be, and that even though our bodies are not behaving or responding the way a normal body would, this in time will pass. We are okay.  Eat, drink, rest, and be calm. And try not to become alarmed when yet another new and strange body symptom arrives for us. The mantras for 12-2012!  But we can always choose to know as well, that with ascension, there is always a rejuvenation period immediatley after leaving the old behind. It is part of the process. January and February look to be (at this time of looking) the time for rejuvenation, and March is massively highlighted as a period for creating, creating, and more creating, along with brilliant light. And when the creating begins in earnest, we may find that it really begins in earnest as we had been held back for so very long that we go a bit overboard. It may look as if there is far too much individual creating going on, but in time, all the creations will come together and we will unite in a magnificent way.

Here's to wishing all of us continued peace and ease as we progress through the remainder of 2012.

My heart to yours,

Click here for Part II
(common symptoms and more).

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